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Any Youtubers out there?

Unhinged posted 10/31/2020 17:36 PM

I'm looking for tips on best recording programs or apts, editing software, etc.

My son wants to be youtuber.

FaithFool posted 11/1/2020 16:06 PM

Tell him to look it up. Pretty sure there are lots of YouTube instructional videos on that topic.

Hedwig posted 11/2/2020 01:42 AM

Hi Unhinged!

I'm a YouTuber and I make educational videos.

Most important: find a subject you really enjoy talking about and making content on. This way it's the most fun and you'll be able to continue even when the going gets tough.

I use Screencast-O-Matic for screen- and webcamrecording for my regular videos. It's a userfriendly and free program. I use the built-in editing tools of the paid version to edit my videos. The free version does not include the editing, IIRC. I don't edit a lot, so no fancy tools needed.

I also use another program called OBS, for livestreaming. It's a bit more complicated and you can also use it for recording. Free software as well.

Most webcams have a resolution 1080p now, which is a very good place to start. They have built-in microphones that are pretty good, too! Start off with this basic material and try to enjoy yourself before you head out and buy all the fancy gear. That's how I started and I've worked myself up from there. (I still use a webcam as a camera!)

General tips for your son:
- Be consistent in your posting. So it's better to post once a week/once a month than to post 5 times in one week and then leave your subscribes hanging for 6 weeks afterwards. So if you have a lot of content or have made a lot of videos in a short span of time, save them to upload later.
- Engage with your subscribers as much as you can/want to. If somebody asks a question, try to answer it as soon as possible. If somebody leaves a nice comment, thank them or tell them you're glad they enjoyed it. If someone leaves a nasty comment, engage with that as well and tell them you're sorry they feel that way and your material isn't for everyone. (Not sure how old your son is, Unhinged, but you might need to put some boundaries on time spent/YT free hours/YT hours because you can get really wrapped up in it

There's way more to learn but it can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning so just go ahead and start.

Unhinged posted 11/2/2020 23:09 PM

Thanks Hedwig. This is actually for my 9yo son who wants to make cool vids about games and gaming, get a million subscribers, and buy a Lambo (Lamborghini, that is). He's got way more ambition and direction than I did was I was nine years old, that's for sure!

Hedwig posted 11/3/2020 15:28 PM

Yes, my advice is directed at him so the you in my post is actually your son.

9 y/o and so much ambition wow The e-sports/gaming world definitely is one that growing exponentially these years so he might actually have a shot!

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