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The heartbreak is real 💔

Dawn37 posted 12/3/2020 17:23 PM

Hi all hope everyone is well.

So bit of a crazy few months exH is still acting completely disrespectful. Kids have now been thrown into his new relationship, him letting the OW look after my daughter, lets her bath her, take her days out. Just when I though it couldn’t get worse, it did!

I landed in hospital, initially suspected blood clot, then possibly a heart attack but DR figured I’m too young. Turns out I have damage to my inner walls of heart caused by strain 😔 Who knew the heart could physically break. I am now off work for 3 months at least and may not be able to do my university placement due to start in February. I feel like I’m at my all time low and there’s no way up now 💔

BearlyBreathing posted 12/3/2020 20:18 PM

(((Dawn))). Hey Dawn. Sorry your exWH is being such a dick. Sometimes they just double down on their shitty behavior. There’s a book called “the body keeps score” and yeah, this stuff damages us in so many ways.

Please follow your doctor’s recommendations to a T and really work at the stress. I found mediations and walking very helpful for me— there are YouTubes and Apps that can help with the meditation deep breathing— it really really works.

And you are right — you are going to go up from here. Put you first— you deserve it.

Broken1Again posted 12/4/2020 10:43 AM

That sucks, but maybe take these three months to start focusing on you. Are you allowed to go for walks and run a little? Start eating right and drinking lots of water. Use this woman bathing YOUR children to draw your line in the sand that you will not go down in a pit of fire and allow some HO bag woman to be what your kids need.


Don't forget that. Sometimes we have to fake it til we make it. So go get dressed, put some makeup on if that's your thing and smile. Even if it hurts. You will survive this.

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