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Me: BS 47years old, Him: WS 45 years old, Married Since 2004-15 years
DDay #1: May 20, 2007 EA
DDay #2: July 2016 Long distance EA 1 month
DDay #3: November 16, 2019 TT
December 17th Full disclosure 6 month PA
Against all reaso

Searching up phone numbers

Please share any sites or ways to find the owner or at least origin of a phone number received via text.i sure everything on the list and nothing.

I have turned google, whitepages, people search and almost every phone number look up I know upside down to locate the owner or origin of two but here to no avail. I know google numbers go u detected and even found a site where you can enter the google number and at least get the email address beginning letter and end it belongs to. Big fat goose egg!

I have called the numbers blocking my number. I created my own google number and sent a message to try and bait the person. Nothing.

Background: I already know about one OW - dday November 16. Then another dday December 17 when OW spilled the beans that it was PA not EA as stated on the 11/16 day.

While in an emotional tailspin over this, I get a mysterious text 24 hours after the 111/16/2019 day. It states “your husband d is a cheater”. The texter refuses to engage in convo. I assume it’s OW playing games since she just told me a few hours before when I called after locating her number it wa an EA.

Fast forward December 5. Different number this time texter calls me by name and says they have info abou WS uses his name. Goes on to say he has an AP of one year and plans to leave me. But claims she is a friend of AP who was once cheated on and felt I should know because she doesn’t approve.8 again assume it is OW. Though she lives an hour away and would be an out of town AP.I call this out and the texter acts oblivious but also gives no names or anything for me to approach WS with hard evidence. I still did and of course denial.

He is a huge rug sweeper and cake eater. When the bottom came out on the 12/17 I jus tjbew he would own all of his shut then including this coincidence.. he keeps saying it is OW. Because get this the reason she called me initially was to allegedly chastise me (rich isn’t it?) about sharing her information. Allegedly the mystery texter who said WS has a local AP sent OW a screen shot where Texter called OW unattractive after seeing the photo and I agreed. But hey sleeping with my husband of 15 years is acceptable behavior but I digress...

It’s driving me crazy not knowing but I also know WS used an app to hide calls so I fear I will never know.

Thanks for reading this and any help

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