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WH - 55 BS (me) - 57 Son - 31 Son - 24 Dday #1 - 10/31/07 Dday #2 - 12/23/07 Dday #1,000,000 - 12/23/09 - found out EA was PA Dday Again - 13 years later....

13 years later and I am back....

How sad that I have returned after 13 years of reconciliation. I even remembered my username and password - says something doesn't it!!

The short story:

Over the past 2 weeks H has been acting weird. My little senses went up and I have been watching his behavior. Some things I have noticed:

He will take the dog for a hour 1/2 walk. My H would probably croak if he walked for 30 minutes. The dog also does not come back exhausted. Runs around like a nut...

Personal and Work phones are now password protected. Never were before.

Comes home late all the time with lies that are unbelievable.

Last Friday night we were invited to a friends house. H is usually home by 4:30 and we were going at 6. 5:45 rolls around and I text him. He says lets just meet there. Ok no problem. I get to our friends - he is not there yet. He comes around 7:30 and is drunk. Of course, I am embarrassed and friends were well aware, especially since he took a "nap" on their couch for a hour. After nap he leaves - now it is about 8:30. I get home around 10:30 and he and the dog are not home. Odd to be taking the dog for a walk so late I thought!!! (we have a very large yard - we do not usually walk the dog, just let her out). I go to bed after texting him. No answer. I fall asleep. I wake up in the morning to find the dog home, but not my H. Again I text. Says he got called into work.

We were to go to my families to celebrate an early Easter at 1pm. I asked if he would be home and he said yes. 11:45 I need to leave to get to my families. I text to see how much longer he will be. He says I will meet you there. So I get to my families and he is there, but surprise, surprise... he is drunk again. In front of my sister I asked him where he was when I got home the night before and his answer was - get ready for it...... He took the dog for a walk and fell asleep in the park. My Sister almost fell off her chair laughing at that one. So I say "you took a nap and the dog stayed right with you?" He confirmed. OMG - I just couldn't take it. Now mind you he is drunk again. He ends up sleeping again, this time on my sister's couch. Wakes up, eats and leaves. I ended up sleeping at my sisters, because I just couldn't take it anymore and I needed a drink myself (I won't drink and drive).

On Tuesday, H takes dog for a walk. I time it. Leave the house at 7pm. At 8pm I get in the car and drive to the park. Park is closed - no one there. H comes home at 8:30 and says he was walking at the park. Maybe I missed him, but doubt it.

Last night - H texts that he was getting ready to head home - 5:30pm - he is 30 minutes away - asks me if I want him to pick up dinner. I tell him I cooked dinner. He says on way home and he got home at 8:15pm. Almost 3 hours later. I couldn't even look at him and he knows me too well so he said nothing to me. After a while home he started idle chit chat to which I just walked away.

After the last affair, I blew it too many times telling him what I knew.

I am doing my best to try and keep my cool and not let on that I am suspicious, but it is so hard.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest....

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