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What would you do? Awkward situation with neighbor as we go to sell our property

We live in a very private spot, off a private way that we share with only one neighbor. He's always said to let him know if we decide to sell, as he might be interested in buying our property. We are going to move, and we told him. We each got property value estimations, and he decided the full property was going to cost too much (we'd offered him a discounted price of the valuation: less about 8%); based on that, we agreed we'd sell him a slice of our land for a "buffer" between the two properties, again at a discounted price (he's been an awesome neighbor for well over a decade). This happened about 2 weeks ago. So, I met with a realtor, continued to do repair projects, called a handyman to help with a couple projects. In the meantime, our neighbor got a survey crew out to do all the work needed to do the land deal.

Yesterday, he called and said he and his wife really wanted to buy the house and wanted to come walk through. We said sure, and they did. However, the hubby and I talked about it afterward and really feel that the original offer is a ship that has sailed. I happened to mention on a local online group that our house would be going on the market next month (in a post about another topic altogether), and 6 people sent me messages to ask about the house. I've begun doing the tasks our agent suggested for selling. I feel I've made a bit of a commitment to this seller's agent even though we haven't signed anything yet, because she's already spent some of her time coming out to look and the house and meet with us.

I don't like conflict. I'm hoping our neighbor will decide "no" to this idea. However, I need help figuring what we should do. Should we call him or email him to say we'd prefer to list the house? He gave us a firm "no" two weeks ago, and mentally we've moved on to other ideas. This neighbor is like family and I feel very unsure of how to diplomatically approach the matter...or should we wait to see what he says? UGH. What do you think? My social skills have gone into hibernation since the pandemic hit, and this would be challenging in the best of times.

6 comments posted: Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Anyone have an active Intellius account? Not 4me TG

Trying to get some info on my BIL's paramour. Feeling a little lazy, though I've done a bunch of researching already. Just not the full $23./month lazy. Figured I'd at least throw the question out there in case anyone was willing to help an unknown soul sister out.

UPDATE: DISREGARD! In the time it took me to post this, with the intellius tab still open, a pop-up window appeared offering me the report for $1.99 along with a 5 day trial. Problem solved....except for remembering to cancel the trial.

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0 comment posted: Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

Anyone know a good keylogger that won't require computer's pw?

Is there a keylogger that can be installed without the computer's password (you know how when installing you generally have to have the password to install new software)?

I'm wanting something to ensure my developmentally delayed teen stays safe online.

3 comments posted: Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

FYi: SpectorSoft is no longer marketing to non-business

I was just looking into SpectorSoft for monitoring a child's activity online, and called them to ask a question. I was asked which product I was interested in, and when I said "PC & Internet", I was told they're no longer in the home PC monitoring business. Crap.

2 comments posted: Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Major issue with nerdy to me!

A Google search shows me I'm not the first to seek an answer to this, but I'm hoping for help here. has turned up in my H's computer (Google) history several times, to where I was convinced he'd established an aol account and not told me.

History shows entries like:

11:46 AOL Mail: Simple, Free, Fun


12:21 AOL Mail: Simple, Free, Fun

12:22 AOL Mail: Simple, Free, Fun


1:08 Welcome to AOL

1:09 AOL News, Sports, Weather, Entertainment, Local & Lifestyle

1:09 AOL Mail (2093)

Looking at that, and others kind of like it over the preceding months (very infrequent, like maybe a total of 5-10 over the last 6 months), I thought he must have an account, and so I was quite BENT when I confronted him about the matter and he denied it. (I thought he'd likely established one to use AIM at work or something to chat with his mini-me adult son who lives about 100 miles away.)

It got pretty tense, and I did not want to divulge my sources of information, which made for a bit of an impasse. However, I did some cutting & pasting and devised a way to show some of the entries...and when I showed them to him, he was shocked. I believe him...98%. I

My gut says he is telling the truth; my aforementioned Google search gave a little additional confidence. But WTF? How does this happen? Note: it does seem like it tends to happen around when his mini-me (DSS) the AOL user has been up for a visit and logging onto our wireless network.

Anyone have any experience or knowledge on this kind of thing? It's a damn good thing this didn't happen close to DDay or in the first couple years, or it really could've been worse than it is.

It's been a draining day.

1 comment posted: Saturday, December 6th, 2014

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