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GD Stoopid Dumb Dumb Rona

I've had it. I mean it I am fried, I am spent. I need a week away from the madness and illness.
Rona or the Vid is out of control in my area and local estimates are that at least 30% of hospitalized patients are fully vaccinated.

My son popped positive this morning. He tells me yesterday that 2 coworkers that he worked with 3 days last week, and one he hung out with on Saturday, that chose not to get vaccinated, were positive as he was hacking, coughing, snotting, and giving me the heebie geebies in general. So he went this am for a test, and Yup he has it.
He doesn't have a fever, and his appetite is decent, but he is snot nosed coughing mess. He went to bed and has not been coughing since he went to bed. Hoping he can channel his inner child and rid himself of this like he did every other bug he picked up. He would typically sleep for 24 hours straight and wake up well.

In the meantime I have to worry and wait for symptoms for my spouse and myself. He is sequestered to his room, and under strict rules about being out of it. Luckily he lives on the second floor of the house and we are on the main level.

But seriously I know everyone that was against the vaccine is going to say see. It doesn't work, and will continue to run about getting it and spreading it while our hospital staff, nurses, Dr's, support staff, everyone is exhausted, and mentally beat up from this stupid thing. It isn't going away, and when it does it won't be soon.

Please be careful. If it's not up in your area, still take precautions, wear your mask, socially distance, and limit your outings. Wash your hands frequently.

Most of all. BE KIND.

73 comments posted: Friday, August 6th, 2021

Welp one kid is done and out .

This weekend was a major one in our lives.

My youngest graduated from University with a degree in a field that she wanted. She also has her first grown up job, and starts tomorrow.

We went to her school and moved her from her apartment there, to where she will be working, even further from home, and moved her in with her boyfriend, who really is a great kid. They are so happy and excited, and they have a beautiful apartment in a lovely town that is growing and developing.

But man was it bittersweet for me. This kid has always been a go getter, and I had no doubt that she would move away from home at least for a while when done with school. Her boyfriend is also pretty independent as he is the second youngest of 9 kids. Yes I said 9. He has a great job too. It just sucks so much that they are almost 6 hours away.

I did really well no tears all weekend. Was happy and upbeat, and celebrated her success in finishing school in 4 years from a very difficult university, I mean everyone in our state knows when you say you went there that it is much harder than a lot of other schools.

On our way home we stopped in nowhere's ville MO to grab a lunch, and was walking to make our drinks, while my H paid the bill and I wiped out on a slick floor, like BOOM, wiped out, and hurt my knee pretty good, everyone in the restaurant looking at me, trying my best to hold it together, my H helping me get to the table, and then became tearful.

The real breakdown came later when we arrived home, knee swollen and hurting, and walk in, and my son and his girlfriend actually got me a card and lily for mothers day. I fucking fell apart. Like boohoo cried. We don't do greeting card holidays at house. They are silly and waste of money, but the fact that these 2 night shifters thought enough to go to the nursery and pick out a lily I don't have in my flower beds (I love lilies and have many differe varieties) and to sign a card, and put it on the counter for me was just too much to top off this weekend.

I am of course emotionally better, sometimes we just need a good cry. My daughter starts her job tomorrow, and my son just keeps plodding along doing his thing (come on frontal lobe).

Anyway, I just want to say for all you Mom's out there, College Graduation is a pretty amazing mothers day gift, but it is also filled with some bittersweet feelings. I know I did good because she is totally prepared and heading out into the great big world. But damn it's gonna suck to have her so far away.

17 comments posted: Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

Update on Friend and Bad Choices

A while a go I posted a thread about a friend of mine a very good friend that I found out was in an A.

It went from bad to worse, she moved in with him, left her family (kids are basically adults but 2 still at home) and her dog (this was major she is nutso about her dog) and moved in with this man.

He H made several very public posts on FB about things, and I had mixed feelings. I told my friend she was not thinking clearly, that this wasn't LOVE, and that traumas of the past 2 years probably all caught up with her, and when this guy "rescued" her it was the perfect storm. She would intermittently stop texting, and refused to meet up with me despite my best efforts.

Well her kids, and her spouse staged some sort of intervention, and got her back home a couple weeks ago. She is doing much better, she tells me she can't believe she did it, that a fog has lifted, that she appreciates my friendship, that they are working on rebuilding. But again she is keeping some distance up. Or maybe I am, I am happy for her, to be back home, to be gifted another chance, to see her wake up. Her H is suddenly using fatih to help him find his way back to normal, and I fear is rugsweeping the whole thing instead of dealing with it. But who knows what really happens in the privacy of our own homes.

My friend says that this man she had the A with was controlling her, that he was limiting her ability to text, and communicate with friends. She says it was very surreal. I told she needs to work through that shit, and figure out why she let it happen, so that it never ever happens again. She agrees, but anytime I corner her, did you start IC for you, have you started journaling, she either doesn't respond or changes the subject so there is definite avoidance, rugsweeping, and denial going on.

Any thoughts on bringing her back to herself?

This is a woman who is incredibly strong, a great leader, and is kind, caring, and really had a strong code of ethics.

6 comments posted: Thursday, April 15th, 2021

Prayers Please for HfSsC

She reached out to me this pm, her Dad is in the hospital, and they couldn't figure out what it was at first, but now they know. They are admitting him, and if all goes the way it should he should be able to celebrate Easter with his loved ones.

So our dear sweet HFSSC could definitely use some of the famous SI prayers, and of course our infamous MoJo!!!!

Thanks Gang!!!!

23 comments posted: Friday, April 2nd, 2021

StooPiD WiNteR!!!

Well the new job was supposed to start today, and here in the central midwest we are seeing a rare combination of things.

Extreme cold and big snow. Sooooo due to it being below 0, and wind chills in the -20's and it snowing, up to 9" today, they cancelled my first day!!!!

It is fine, but I was anxious to get started.

Anyway I am so ready for spring I can't even express it in words.

53 comments posted: Monday, February 15th, 2021

Quick Weather/Dress question

I have a job interview today in person. The current temp is 14, and there is a fresh layer of snow on the ground.

Would you consider it appropriate to wear a nice pair of cowboy boots with dress clothes?

I have on tan trousers, Red boots, and blouse that has red tan, and dark brown, and will wear a light brown dress jacket/blazer.

It that too red neck?

11 comments posted: Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

2021 Rip Roaring Part Deux

So I lost my job on Jan 8th, and landed a job that starts on the 15th. Lower stress, WFH, and decent $$.

However.... My DD has been having issues in the past 2 years with what we thought were UTI's, however after she had 2 negative cultures I considered that we had something else going on and she was tested for it when home over winter break. Yes she was positive for interstitial cystitis and her OB/GYN is well versed on it and had a care path for her including emergency meds, and good education on how to prevent, ID triggers, and what to do when all else fails.

Unfortunately I think we have some other autoimmune issue at work as well. She had an episode at the beginning of the year where she was unable to eat, vomiting, and lots of nausea and abdominal discomfort, thinking it was a bug or food poisoning she recovered in a week, but the same stuff started the end of last week with a bout of Interstitial Cystitis kicking things off. She is currently in a hospital 6+ hours away from me, dehydrated, unable to keep anything down for 3 days, and also had some SVT (an irregular heart beat) last night (guessing due to electrolytes being off). Waiting on cardiology, am labs, and xrays to see if we can get some answers.

So if you have it in you I'd appreciate some mojo prayers positive energy headed her way. Poor kid this is her LAST semester of college or was supposed to be, but if she misses a full week, I think she may need to drop.

22 comments posted: Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

2021 is off to a Rip Roaring start

Go to page 3 for an update on 1/27/21.

Well between not being able to get in on the vaccine first 2 rounds and our country collectively loosing its mind I had a great day too.

I lost my job. Yup everyone except for a few folks that kiss leaderships ass were let go. I am the only one that was bringing in income on a monthly basis but sure let me go. I was the only one that trained new staff but sure let me go. I was the one that made our software award winning and truly functional for what our company did, but sure let me go.

Fuck them. They will not be in business in a year. I will be working a new job in 90 days or less. Fucking shit damn cocksucking assfuckers douchecanoe sellout greedy drs. They would much rather fire a bunch of nurses opposed to doing what is right and good. Dickfaced mothercocksuckers.

Update - Landed a job start mid Feb. see page 3 for more details.

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57 comments posted: Friday, January 8th, 2021

No good deed....

Funny little story....

Last Wednesday evening it was gorgeous here, 70's, light breeze, just perfect. So I sit down in the living room to relax, and open the atrium door out to the woods. I hear someone yelling, now there are kids to the left on the next ridge that are often playing outside. So I don't really pay attention, but then I hear it again, and again, and I realize it sounds like the word help. So I go outside, and listen....

It's the lady that bought my parents house, and she IS yelling for help. I tell her I'm on my way. Grab my phone (in case I need to call 911) and drive up there. She has managed to lock herself outside on an upstairs porch trying to vacuum up stink bugs. She tells me where the key is, and I go rescue her.

Great right, she is alone as husband travels for work was supposed to get colder that night, so she was a bit panicked. Wonderful.

She has small dogs that have a run that she hooks them to by the door that goes the length of a deck and then down into a yard. Well these little F'rs keep wrapping around my leg. We talk a few minutes. I get ready to leave, and one of them gets the lead between my foot and flip flop. So instead of just falling on this damned dog I try to stop myself, and went back and forth and stumble before I go down.

I manage to bruise the shit out of my left shin, and left palm. AND I try to stand and basically can't put any weight on my right leg. I manage to hobble back to my vehicle, go home, hobble inside, and realize I have done something significantly bad to my hamstring.

A week later I am still hobbling, but no longer using a cane. I have bruising that goes from my upper inner thigh down to behind my knee that is that super rich dark purple color. Luckily I work in front of a computer, and am able to elevate and ice but man oh man is it sore.

So for every ball player that I ever called a sissy for going on the DL for a Hamstring Injury I am truly sorry. You are not a sissy. Now I am being told by my Dr, and a few other that have been through this that it takes a good 6 months to recover from. GREAT!!!!

Last time I rescue her.

13 comments posted: Thursday, October 15th, 2020

Hurricane Sally and 2020 can kiss my A**

Some of you may already know that I went on vacation in my Camper with my H and dogs to a beautiful place in the Florida Gulf, and shortly after arriving heard that we were going to get a few crappy days of weather d/t a tropical depression, this soon changed to a tropical storm named Sally. But still only rough seas, and lots of rain, some wind. Then this slow moving, drunk wobbly bitch hung out in the warm waters of the gulf strengthened to one MPH short of a Cat 3 storm, and on Wednesday early early morning decided to make a turn to the east, and hit where we were directly.

Yes I survived at Cat 2 (almost 3) hurricane in a 5th wheel camper. My H and I both know how to build and fix things, and he the ever ready boyscout ran to the hardware store on Monday and got some things to build some outrigger style stabilizers for the camper. These things saved us. Our camper sustained no damage.

If you have not experienced a tropical storm or hurricane it is an amazing thing. After the heart of the storm passed there was wind. Not just a breeze, but 50+ MPH winds that went on for at least another 6 hours, not winds that let up, but rather more like there was a giant fan out in the Gulf blowing as hard as it could for 5 hours. No rain, just wind. It finally started dieing down around 3 pm, and by 6 the sun was out, the wind was more like a strong breeze, and by morning, the bay was back to normal levels, and no waves. But by the then the damage was done. With that wind brought waves in the bay that were huge and crushing. It destroyed every home owned pier and dock within eyesight, and we were in one of the rare higher areas in FL that meant destruction of poorly constructed and moderately well contructed seawalls. The only ones I saw survive were the newest tech ones that are built in an undulating fashion that allows the walls to absorb the shock of the water.

So my vacation sucked. No fishing trip. Only 2 days of beach time, one not being allowed more than putting your feet in the water. It was an amazing experience and any of our FL residents, you have my sympathy if you were impacted by this at all.

There has been minimal coverage of it on the news since, but there are BILLIONS of dollars of damage in the Pensacola, Navarre, Gulf Shores, Edges of Destin areas.

Now it's back to work.

23 comments posted: Monday, September 21st, 2020

Shameless request for prayers and Mojo

***Update and Thank you to all who wished well, said prayers, and sent mojo. ****

This young man finished all of his Chemo last week. He has no signs of active cancer, and all metastatic disease has disappeared. He is now concentrating on getting strong and healthy so he can start school (College) again in January.

This has been a truly amazing and wonderful thing for this young man. He has a lifetime of frequent follow up d/t the nature of the cancer and it's ability to grow extremely rapidly. But for now .... Cancer Free!!!!!

Thank you ALL!!!!

I am feeling overwhelmed and at a loss for how to help one of my very best friends, and workmates.

Her son is finishing his senior year of high school and was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. This bastard is a fast growing MF'r, that has him in surgery today that is expected to last at least 5 hours due to the invasive nature of it. Preop lab testing also indicates that this isn't a straight forward thyroid cancer. We won't know what his journey after surgery will entail for a few weeks, until the pathology comes in, and he has had some healing time.

Thus my request for prayers and MoJo for this wonderfully smart, funny, happy kid.

Thank you in advance.

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74 comments posted: Tuesday, December 31st, 2019

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