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Me: BW/33 The kidlets: DS16, DS12, and DD10 The hounds: Three Shih Tzu's The felines: Two short haired kitteh's

Hair Saga...Update

A couple of months ago, I had to have all of my hair cut off (over six inches) due to a bad bleach job by my old stylist. Many assured me that I would grow to like my short "do". While I've had short before, it was still a big blow to my ego (recent DDay just before the hair fiasco). Well, I've decided to stick with short (for now). I got a new cut and color today

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Bastard Spider!

Yesterday, I was in the car rider line, at the O' Kids school...they're usually bus riders, but Parent-Teacher Conference (okay, really kid led conference) was yesterday, so I picked them up. It's somehow, hallelujah and thank you sweet baby Jesus, still warm in the (soon-to-be) Frozen Tundra of Indiana So, I had the sunroof I approach the area where the kids are all standing, I feel something hit my scarf (light/summery scarf). I think, "Hmmm, weird"...then, it happens, I feel said "thing" fall into my shirt I am now, discreetely, trying to find what just fell down my shirt...while I am not only feet away from elementary school kids, but also the administrators of the school I finally find the little bastard, but cannot manage to get him out, so I had to stay that way until I could pull safely into a parking spot and get the little prick out of my shirt. By this time, he had curled into a ball, from all of the trying to get him out of my shirt Thankfully, I'm okay with spiders...otherwise the kiddos, their parents, and the administrators may have gotten a free show Lesson of the day--don't open the freaking sunroof!

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Stacked Thread

In OT:

What phrase do you wish you could stop your kids from saying?

My Hot Ass

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