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BW 46, SAWH 47(sorry1),M27 yrs Dday1-7/3/09 EA OW4, Dday2-9/1/09 PA OW4 Dday3 3/14/10 Farmville sexting, OW3 Dday4 3/13/11 Secret texting, would be OW5-she said no Dday5 8/2/11 PA in 2001 OW1, kissing in 2007 OW2 Dday6 7/11/16 EA OW6

Certified Restricted Delivery - Lancaster County, PA

I have phone records with the 2,634 texts plus 33 pictures sent from April 24 to July 11. I have calendars with their daily timeframes of texting and number of texts sent by each. I converted the text conversation of my confrontation between me and my SAWH latest affair partner converted to a printable PDF file and info I have learned from their confessions.

I have been unable to locate the betrayed husbands cell number. I did leave him a facebook message. I want to send him everything Restricted Certified Mail. It was recommended to me by another betrayed spouse to not have my name on the postal forms if I want to be sure that he picks it up and opens it. They recommended it to be a male name.

I never sent anyone Restricted Certified Mail. Can anyone explain it to me? Anyone willing to help me notify this betrayed husband?

4 comments posted: Sunday, August 7th, 2016

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