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BS Fwh

After going for since 2010 wh IC retired.

My husband has been going once or twice a month to his same IC for 14 years. The first 5 years after d day, he went weekly.

He needs to find someone new. He has asbergers and ADHD. The issue is he has fallen back into always the victim.

He also had 2 new secrets come out. We are trying to get rid of stuff. I found he is collecting old cameras, from as late as 10 years ago. If he mentioned it no problem, but I saw behind his chair maybe 20 or more cameras. He sweeps over there as part of the household. 2nd is old iPods, again mention no issue.
They are in the open on the floor or an open box.

Hee seems to be doing this as a backlash from his relationship with our daughter. She has never forgiven him. She feels she needs to protect me.
According to her she has been taking care of me since she was 6. This is not true. They were going to family therapy and stopped.

I call him out on his secrets and we have good conversations on his victim issue.

Our relationship despite all this is good. I learned there are aspects he has that are truly due to his ADHD, asbergers and his abuse. I have spoken with his knowledge to his IC about his secret keeping addiction and his procrastination. These are things he isn’t going to be able to change.
I have accepted this and come to peace, his behavior that are not changeable. We discussed with hus long term IC the need for continued check in so we can keep same checks and balances again. I don’t worry about a sexual secret.

After I became aware of his camera’s and ipods, we discussed he broke our radical honesty boundary. He did it by omission, he didn’t become defensive and agreed to get a new IC.

1 comment posted: Monday, January 1st, 2024

Crazy of the week!

I have been really ill for the past 2 weeks, but decided Sunday to groom my standard poodle. I ended up needing a nap half way through. So my poodle boy was getting his summer clip. Picture a cream and peach, 60lb poodle with the front half shaved and his head or face not done. I woke up to find out my DD has driven to Target. First DD should not be alone as she faints from a disorder called POTS. As long as she stays sitting, she is okay to drive, just not get up from sitting or laying down. She also collapses from her legs having issues.

My hubs gets an alert her tire is way to low. We try and call her, phone dead. She ended up calling, sobbing badly and in a panic attack. She overextended herself physically and had to buy a new phone cord. Fiancé was at work, someone needed to stay home and bring my grocery delivery in. So I needed to go get her. I have struggled since the pandemic and losing my service girl who was fully trained. So I sucked it up and took my half shaved poodle to get my DD. The neighbor looked at me like I was nuts. But a Mama has to do whatever she needs to get to her child no matter the age.

I had jerked on a mismatched capris and top took my half shaved dog in my flip flops to get my kid. I looked like a nut job.

I just had to laugh at the whole thing. She then had a panic about leaving her car in Target lot till I could take her Dad or fiancé (he was working) back to get it. We have had a rash of cattilictic sp. converters stolen even in the grocery store lot. I had to assure her, that no one was going to steal it in broad daylight from the car left in the 3rd spot from the door.

So my crazy vampire dog, who will go in the sunlight if the barometer is okay for a car ride and I rescued my girl!

5 comments posted: Wednesday, June 21st, 2023

Sometimes I write posts and erase them

I had a pretty emotional week. I realized a few days ago I will put the post title in and then write this post about whatever. This weeks theme was Long term effects and Covid, my Dad’s hurtful words and my brothers birthday and death day being this week. My brother died on his birthday.

I think I need to go back to IC. I just feel like Debbie Downer! I erase these venting posts.

So on a positive note:

So the good things are my doctor is going to manage my Covid onset diabetes.
It’s open enrollment at H’s company getting better healthcare.
My daughter is getting a kitten tomorrow. So that is exciting.
I paid off a loan.
My sister and I are communicating better.
The leaves are beautiful.
I am trying to build back my strength with walking.

I was able to figure out a diabetic diet by taking a blood sugar and then an hour after eating another one. My food is difficult with my limited food my body tolerates. So this figuring out a food plan was super important.

I think count your blessings is my theme today.

9 comments posted: Saturday, November 5th, 2022

We got a reminder to practice fire and co safety.

At 1am I was awake to let the dog out. Smelled onions, I sauté onions yesterday. I when back to bed was woken up sometime during 4 am hour. To a screaming alarm ADT called said CO alarm is going off evacuate the house. Our house was filled with natural gas. We are all ok.

We were sloppy about waiting till the battery indicator went off before replacing. I was told to do it at time change. So spring head is coming up.
We figured out we need to practice a plan.

9 comments posted: Sunday, March 6th, 2022

Can’t access forums from ipad

I keep getting a 404 code that says redirected to many times.

Can anyone give me a clue what to do please?

4 comments posted: Monday, August 2nd, 2021

Can’t access forums from ipad

I keep getting a 404 code that says redirected to many times.

0 comment posted: Monday, August 2nd, 2021

help sprint text messages.

My Dd was physically and sexually assaulted the now ex boyfriend confessed in a string of text messages last week. My Dd was so upset seeing his name undid her and she deleted them. The police want them for proof that this is not a he said she said.

Any clue as to how to recover them would be appreciated.

She is btw getting the emotional medical help she needs.

4 comments posted: Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

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