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Realization after 12 years from D Day

We have been reconciled for quiet awhile. His infidelity included happy endings, lap dances and a EA with an in law on his side.

He got off social media shortly after d day. Because grandma and Grandpa were alive we would have a few holidays and a.couple of large summer parties where she would be around. FWH was never her real target it is/ was a cousin.

Grandpa passed away, Grandma shortly there after. We only went to 1 summer party at a different person’s house. He stayed by me and as the summer after Dday, I sat by him and pointed out how she was flirting heavily with various men till the main target the cousin showed up. She would move to very close to him, then start texting. He had immediately gone to hello goodbye and no texting or social media.

Since Covid things have fallen apart, one brother moved, the one with the ho bag wife, said no longer wanted to associate with my husband because he doesn’t enjoy sports and makes no attempt to, nothing in common. Aunt gets no calls from them and the cousin has turned from the family.

I talk to the Aunt about once a month.

My realization is basically no more ho bag in my life. I may see them when Aunt passes. She is ill and told me she thinks she it will be within the year. Being around ho bag hasn’t bothered me in more then 10 years.

I just don’t chose to associate with people in affairs or behaving how ho bag does. We were looking at pictures and this popped into my head.

My FWH and still work on our marriage to make sure it stays healthy and we are happy. I think the best thing we learned is radical honesty not coating reality to save the others feelings. He speaks up when he has feels and so do I. It clears things up.

1 comment posted: Friday, December 2nd, 2022

Sometimes I write posts and erase them

I had a pretty emotional week. I realized a few days ago I will put the post title in and then write this post about whatever. This weeks theme was Long term effects and Covid, my Dad’s hurtful words and my brothers birthday and death day being this week. My brother died on his birthday.

I think I need to go back to IC. I just feel like Debbie Downer! I erase these venting posts.

So on a positive note:

So the good things are my doctor is going to manage my Covid onset diabetes.
It’s open enrollment at H’s company getting better healthcare.
My daughter is getting a kitten tomorrow. So that is exciting.
I paid off a loan.
My sister and I are communicating better.
The leaves are beautiful.
I am trying to build back my strength with walking.

I was able to figure out a diabetic diet by taking a blood sugar and then an hour after eating another one. My food is difficult with my limited food my body tolerates. So this figuring out a food plan was super important.

I think count your blessings is my theme today.

9 comments posted: Saturday, November 5th, 2022

We got a reminder to practice fire and co safety.

At 1am I was awake to let the dog out. Smelled onions, I sauté onions yesterday. I when back to bed was woken up sometime during 4 am hour. To a screaming alarm ADT called said CO alarm is going off evacuate the house. Our house was filled with natural gas. We are all ok.

We were sloppy about waiting till the battery indicator went off before replacing. I was told to do it at time change. So spring head is coming up.
We figured out we need to practice a plan.

9 comments posted: Sunday, March 6th, 2022

Prayers needed

My daughter impulsively grabbed scissors and tried to kill herself. She has been so happy with her fiancé, seeing a future. Sober from cutting for quiet awhile, she asked me not to keep track. She has been on a psych hold. Our whole family in disarray. My breeder held my new service dog. While she was in the hospital I slept walked fell and wedged myself. We had to call first aid.

The good of it is the first time she hasn’t blamed someone else.

I am deeply sorry for missing the card exchange.

My daughter is home. Starting a day program. A dear friend came in to stay with her while her fiancée works so I left to get my new service dog. My service dog allows me safety during the night as I aspirate and many other things.

Thank you all for your kindness.

16 comments posted: Monday, December 13th, 2021

Getting a new service dog this week.

My Malibu died. I got Franny, he is sweet but after neutering he is a chicken. A wreck. We are keeping him. I am getting one of Malibu’s girl’s. She is silver. Crossed fingers she works out. I am praying Fran man doesn’t tell her I am a easy target.

4 comments posted: Friday, November 26th, 2021

Grocery prices

I have been juggling stores to get the best prices on groceries.

My grocery bill has increased more then 50%. The fact my husband is working from home is not a factor. I packed his lunch.

I have found nutritional yeast is 6.89 at the grocery stores. Trader Joe’s is 2.99. We buy Fairlife milk for my daughter. I go to Warehouse store, it is 75 cents less a bottle. Buying my dry goods flour etc at Aldi is a vast difference.

I have been using dry legumes such as chick peas, to make our plant based diet. Daughter is eating meat.

Anyone else have tricks?

18 comments posted: Thursday, August 5th, 2021

Can’t access forums from ipad

I keep getting a 404 code that says redirected to many times.

Can anyone give me a clue what to do please?

4 comments posted: Monday, August 2nd, 2021

Can’t access forums from ipad

I keep getting a 404 code that says redirected to many times.

0 comment posted: Monday, August 2nd, 2021

help sprint text messages.

My Dd was physically and sexually assaulted the now ex boyfriend confessed in a string of text messages last week. My Dd was so upset seeing his name undid her and she deleted them. The police want them for proof that this is not a he said she said.

Any clue as to how to recover them would be appreciated.

She is btw getting the emotional medical help she needs.

4 comments posted: Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

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