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Hi there. Tried to PM you but box is full. Please contact me. I think something strange is going on but want to confirm.

1 comment posted: Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

Disability experience/knowledge???

Hi everyone,

Still here and life still seems to be kicking my butt. Lately I am thinking that I must have some seriously bad karma!

I know it could be worse but I am just so overwhelmed right now. Trying to be grateful for the good but so stressed!

So here is the background for my question. Had knee replacement in February 2020. I have never recovered. If anything, I am worse. I have more pain than I did with the arthritis.

I have found a new surgeon that specializes in revisions. Nothing definitive yet. Going for a bone scan next week. Possible loosening of implant.

I was cleared to go back to work in June of 2020. I may have been able to do my job with modification/help at that time but now I am in more pain.

June 2020 - temporary shut down. Eligible for unemployment.

July 2020 - permanent loss of job. All decorators were permanently let go.

I have been able to collect unemployment since. I know this will not last forever. I know that I should be willing and able to work in order to collect but because of covid that is a bit murky.

I may be having surgery again which will mean more recovery time. Hopefully recovery!

Should I apply for disability?

Okay, writing this out I see that I am probably jumping the gun. I may not be disabled forever!

I have to calm down. See what actually happens.

To add to the stress, my dog, Smokey. I have written about him before. He was so wonderful to me during "that time". He actually would put his paws around my neck and hug me while I cried. Bonded does not even come close to my feelings for him.

He broke his leg. He apparently has a congenital weakness. The vet could not repair and it had to be amputated. Horrible! Then, infection. I was so careful! Clean bandages, clean bedding, kept away from other dogs, cone so he could not lick. He is currently in hospital again for incision revision. No wonder I am stressed about money!

Also, I miss Frank. My best friend and he isn't here and I so miss hearing his voice, his calm.

There is good too though. My SO is very supportive. My son is also.

So I guess no questions. Just calm down! One day at a time. Maybe just writing this out will help.

Oh yeah, we are moving the end of the month! Sold the house and still searching for a new one! The real estate market is crazy! We are waiting for commitment from buyers bank. We can only make offers contingent upon sale at this point. With so much competition for houses our offers are not even considered.

We are fortunate that we have a place to go temporarily. We were there yesterday to clean. OMG! It was just awful. Days of cleaning ahead and it hurts!

Ok, done with my whining. Off to clean.

8 comments posted: Saturday, April 10th, 2021

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