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Would you date someone who lies on their dating profile?

Hello all, I'm curious to hear your thoughts. I recently met a man online, and we started texting. Lots of positives. We met for a walk recently (6 feet apart) and had a good conversation. Here's the issue. On his profile he claimed to be 54 years old and 5'10". When we met in person, he made a joke about being in his late 50s. I asked him to clarify, and he said he's really 57. Also, there's no way he's 5'10". I'd guess 5'7" or 5'8" maybe. I'm 52 and 5'5" and his age/height are not issues for me. But why lie?

I asked him and he said some story about putting age 54 on his profile because he puts his parameters in 5 year increments, and thought women might do the same (which makes no sense). He also said there was no cheating in his marriage, they just grew apart.

I told him that lying about something as simple as his age and height (he still insists he's 5'10"!) makes me wonder what else might not be true. He said everyone lies a little on their profile and it's not a big deal. (Reminds me of when my ex told me every guy cheats and it's not a big deal..)

Am I overthinking this? Is it true that everyone lies on their profiles? (I don't) Would this be a deal breaker for you?

62 comments posted: Friday, May 1st, 2020

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