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Mobsaver Android Free

H's Android phone has been playing up. He has lost a lot of data including some photos. He had backed up a lot of his stuff and saved it to his laptop. I walked into his office to hide easter eggs from our 10 year old and just happened to glance at his computer screen, while he was reversing my car up the driveway for me. I saw Mobsaver Android Free on the screen and he obviously must have been uploading this to his phone. When I had a closer look I saw OWs email address on there. I was livid. I took 2 snapshots of the screen with my phone. He claimed it was old stuff from his old phone. I thought ok maybe it is old stuff but why did he still have it. Then I looked a little closer at my snapshots and saw my work number on there. I have been at this place for 2 years just now. Last contact with OW would have been May 2015. My question is since he has this info on his computer if I bought another Android phone would I be able to upload his stuff onto the new phone without him knowing firstly and secondly what would he have on there do you think, phone numbers obviously, photos, emails, probably anything that he has on his phone now im guessing? Thirdly would I still need passwords to get into things? That is even if I could ever find it. I apologise for the long drawn out saga.

0 comment posted: Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

Can I find anything on his old computers

My Hs old computer hard drives are sitting their waiting to be thrown out. Is it worth me taking them to someone to find old stuff on them? He always always deleted everything to my knowledge. Not sure if I took it to our local computer geek that he would be able to find anything.


3 comments posted: Saturday, May 20th, 2017

How do I find someone's work place?

If you know someone's full name and home address is there any way of finding out where they work? I have thought of suggesting Linkden if they are a professional but if not, how would one go about finding out? This person is not on facebook or any other social media. I have been asked by a friend seeking to tell APs BS.

1 comment posted: Sunday, March 12th, 2017

Old Facebook account

Can anyone tell me if you close a Facebook account that you had many many years ago can you still re open it so to speak? I have limited knowledge on such things. My H had a Facebook account a long time ago. When I do a search I cant see his name so does that mean it doesnt exist anymore? I know he used his real name.

5 comments posted: Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

email accounts

Hi Everyone, is it possible to tell if you are just blocked from an email account or if it is actually inactive?

I have tried to send an email to my WHs hotmail account which he said he cancelled. It bounced back and said unable to send So I dont know if he has just blocked me or if he actually cancelled it like I asked him to.

2 comments posted: Friday, November 6th, 2015

Snoop detective needed

How do I snoop on my H's laptop without him knowing that I have touched it? He is a computer whiz, I am useless I can open my email account and send emails thats the extent of my savvyness. He has passwords on absolutely everything of course I dont know any of them. He uses epicbrowser which hides all history and stops trackers. He has anti keyloggers on there as well as up to date anti viral programs. Is there any chance of me being able to see what he looks at or what he has been upto?

7 comments posted: Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

how to find email passwords

Other than directly asking for the password of a hotmail account is there any other way of finding it.? He has antikeylogging programs and spyware stuff installed, he is also a computer geek so would know if i messed with anything.

6 comments posted: Sunday, January 11th, 2015

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