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Here I go again

I was here seven years ago. I ended up D and rebuilt my life. I met what I thought was a nice man late 2019 and then ended up here again. Well my boyfriend and I were having some issues Because of his behavior and hist not telling the truth about a lot of things actually. I went With my sister on vacation for a month. Within a few days his messages were different and he wasn’t calling. I felt something was up. But nothing from him even if I asked him what was going on. He came down and joined us for a couple weeks. And the whole time he was there he just kept telling me how much he loved me and how happy he was and he never been so happy blah blah blah.He was always on his phone, I just assumed it was his four kids. So I finally asked him what was going on I said I know something is going on. Well I went out with somebody a couple times because I didn’t know where we were at. Again since it quite right. As I said things were different you know when things are different. So I got pissed off at night and yelled at him And asked him who he went out with. He gave me a name and again said it wasn’t anything that they had only gone out a couple times. I knew it wasn’t the truth and I went and talk to her. So I had been gone barely a week when he started talking to her. They talked all the time. They went to place that him and I had gone to and then he took it to a restaurant that we were going to go to when I got back from vacation and the kicker is the whole time he’s with me telling me how much he loves me he’s talking to her every day. For some reason the fact that they didn’t have sex makes it all right by him. To me the fact that they didn’t have sex means nothing because neither did we which tells me he was veery involved with her. So when I did the confrontation again I get well I didn’t know where we were going. One hand he apologizes and the other it’s my fault.

I know It’s a long hard road to recovery and I’m not sure I want to do it. I’m not sure he’s taking the right steps to accomplish it. I know the trust is gone on my part and I don’t believe he ever trusted me because of his past.

7 comments posted: Tuesday, July 20th, 2021

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