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Facebook Block question

Hi all - this isn't exactly an "investigative" question, but more here are more tech-savvy than me...

I would like to make an "announcement" on my facebook page - all of my privacy settings are set to "friends" - I believe I have the "highest" privacy settings available.

I am not friends with the AP - ha - nor do we have any mutual friends.

If I "block" her - will she still be able to see my profile picture if she searches for me? I know she could create a fake profile and search that way -- that I can't control. But if my privacy settings are "high" she shouldn't be able to see anything but past profile pictures, right? So if I posted a photo to my wall, with a comment, she would never see it?

AP is scary and has threatened to blackmail my FwH. We are in a successful R. I don't want to "hide" from her - or hide myself from my friends - but I don't want to poke the beast either. My announcement would likely piss her off. We have had silence for almost 2 years and I would like it to stay that way...

Thanks for any Facebook insight :-)

4 comments posted: Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

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