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Searching for truth on a samsung phone

Im about to start the long process of digging through a samsung phone for truth as there is none to be found with my now xW.

Im going to write it all here how I do it what i find. I already know im going to find tons of pictures and sexual chat.

Im doing this to find some form of closure and im the kind that NEEDS to know to find that.

Also for anyone else later that need to do things like this, this may help some others in finding out what they need.

Starting with the beginning: Its a samsung s5 so i can use the samsung Kies software to do a full backup of the phone. (done a week ago). It takes a few minutes but its a complete backup of the phone and app data. This is the next best thing to having physical access to the phone so i can do a image dump of the phone which would be much better for finding deleted data, but this is all i got to work with.

The backup is stored as a single file that i can either try to extract or I can simple load it as restore in the Kies software, loading the image unpacks it and puts it in a temp folder under users/[username]/documents/kies/temp/[something].

Now what im interested in mainly is the chatting apps she uses for sexting, whatsapp, facebook, badoo, kik. Im also going to go through the images stored and any other sms, mail etc stored on the phone.

Now i need tools to read the data on the phone, most of the chat and social media uses sql lite databases to store simple text logs and references also user names and login data, emails used to register the account so i can also find more of the secret email accounts i know she is hiding.

Its easy to find a sql lite viewer by a simple google search. I can also use forensic tools like internet evidence finder but that requires a licence so im going to do this the hard way and possibly use some easy to obtain tools.

Another way i could have done this is to restore the backup to my own phone, making it a clone of hers with all the accounts and chats logged in.

Im not going to do that, but i could as a quick way to see the current data. I could also restore just single apps and their logs.

I will update with more posts as i get into digging as i will hit the gym first before the stress kills me.

Hope you will all enjoy the read.

15 comments posted: Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

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