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Best Friend

So I haven’t been in for quite a while. Things are overall good but I have had a lot of triggers lately.

Coming up to 6 years from last dday.

I initially found out about his a by accident and he continued to lie and gaslight me for a full additional year until I found out the true extent of the a on my own. When I confronted the second time (the year later) I asked him what ap was to him and his first response was “like a best friend”. When I said I was suppose to be his best friend, and he could hear how upset I was (we were on the phone) he quickly changed and said she was like his whore.

Almost everyday I can hear him saying she was like his beat friend. It bothers me everyday and makes me feel like he really preferred her to me. I could almost see how his messed up fantasyland could make him think like that if it was immediately after being discovered but it was a year after initial dday when I found out just how much more involved they were.

I don’t know what I’m asking. I’ve felt down through the holidays because I keep wondering when during the holidays he would be in contact, what he would say. When the Happy New Year call or texts were sent and Merry Christmas, we’re they accompanied with, I would rather be celebrating with you or I miss being able to talk all day.

Why can’t I just let it go?

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Does anyone have any info on Linkedin. I have an account but don't know enough about it to answer my own question.

WH shut down this account and still gets people asking to add him. How is that possible if it shows that he doesn't have one. I used to have him as a contact on mine and I can't find him so how are others? The emails come to the regular email account that I see every day on our computer so I doubt he is hiding it.

1 comment posted: Saturday, July 9th, 2016

Key logger on iPhone 6

Can anyone help me out. I would like to put a key logger on wh iPhone 6. We live in Ontario and I am pretty sure you have to jail break it to do it. I am not tech savvy but get by. Can anyone confirm how I can do this without him knowing and can you confirm if the email apples would remain the same. He needs to get his email very quickly for work. He is in sales and all the sales people get emails of new inquiries and the first to open it gets the lead. I don't want it to cost us $$$$

Any help is appreciated

1 comment posted: Thursday, May 12th, 2016

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