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I removed myself from infidelity and am happy again.

There always seems to be enough time

From a post I read on this site:

My grandpa had passed away suddenly. We were not talking to each other when he passed,

We had been very close before, and I always assumed we'd fix things one day, but then he died.

I completely fell apart

There always seems to be enough time to fix whatever needs to be fixed but sometimes now might be the only chance you have.

If there is something you need to do or something you need to say, now is the time as it may be the only chance you have.

1 comment posted: Wednesday, March 31st, 2021

Wasn't expecting that!

I am a football fan. Not necessarily a Buccaneers or Chief's fan.

I do root for Tom Brady though as him being 43 and playing at this high level beats the odds.

I was not expecting the final score to be what it was though.

I am happy for the Bucs team and fans and hopeful for the Chief's team and fans.

It was good to watch football with friends and family last night but I am not sure that it was a SUPERbowl.

4 comments posted: Monday, February 8th, 2021

December 7th, 1941

Today marks the 79th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor Hawaii.

We lose many of them every day and there are not many left but I tip my hat to the "Greatest Generation".

5 comments posted: Monday, December 7th, 2020

Dominican Republic

Our family will be hosting a family from the Dominican Republic for Thanksgiving dinner.

They have been here in the States for the last 8 weeks and while we will be having, what we consider, a traditional American dinner can anyone tell me what the traditions are in the DR?

Is there any special food we can have available to help them feel welcomed even more than they are?

We do not speak Spanish and the father and mother do not speak English but for some reason we just seem to understand, to a degree, what the other is talking about.

12 comments posted: Thursday, November 19th, 2020

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