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1 comment posted: Sunday, April 23rd, 2023

Movies giving WW runway to cheat and men portrayed as weak losers

I recently updated my streaming devices and looked at adultery movies. Mostly from the major women’s network and was appalled. Not to dismiss movies with the male cheating, but most of those portray the cheating husband as a cad. The women cheating movies all seem to follow the same plot line.

Act 1

The husband and wife are shown to be pretty happy. The wife is normally way more attractive than the male and is mother of the year. The guy is ok, but works and travels too much. Overall though things are ok

Act 2

Introduced to the super attractive guy who is a yoga teacher, teacher at the school, or hitting home for me the guy who works on the house. The spouses don’t know he is a nut job, but the viewers do because of the previews. The neighborhood women are all Gaga over the guy who never has a shirt on, but the housewife laughs it off saying she "I would never cheat!!"

Act 3

The guy realizes he wants this women and all the trappings like the big house and cars. He starts insinuating that the women deserves better and puts doubt in the wife’s mind. "Why is he traveling so much" or the husband is making private calls which now the wife interprets as cheating. Of course he is setting up a surprise birthday for her or planning a special vacation. The women is buying into all this

Act 4

The wife succumbs to the guy and the sex is shown to be the most passionate she has ever had. They do it everywhere and right under the pathetic guys nose. He is walking around like Barney Fife and doesn’t know what is happening Castration number 1.

Act 5

The young lover starts to crack and kidnaps and beats the crap out of poor Barney locking him in some warehouse

or pot a potty and sets out to kill him. Castration number 2

Act 6

The wife finds out and sets out to rescue poor Barney, but she is portrayed as Laura Croft and eventually risking everything to save the man she loves (of course has been cheating on him screwing with this guy over and over but hey, love isn’t easy). She kills her young lover and holds poor Barney and tells him everything will be ok. Castration 3

Act 7

Her beat up bloody husband lovingly tells her she forgives her and tells her how much she loves her. And her is sorry for not paying enough attention to her and he feels bad she had to deal with the psycho even though she brought him into their lives. Castration number 4

Act 8

Cutaway to credits and some pizza party. The family is happier than they have ever been. It turns out her affair was the best thing that ever could happen as it brought them closer together. Castration number 6

The thing is millions of women watch this stuff and the overall message is it’s ok to cheat because in the end it will bring you the best sex you ever had, and if you get caught your family and marriage will be better off for it.

It gives women who are inclined to cheat encouragement to do so.

17 comments posted: Wednesday, October 19th, 2022

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