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7 years we go again!

Well...fuck my life!!!

Back story, you can probably look up my username and see posts from early 2016. The short version. I found my wife cheating on me back in 2015. Took years to recover including counseling for me, her and together. Only way I was able to get through it is seeing her put in an effort and seem remorseful.

Fast forward last November... I find some messages with an old college friend that were mildly innapropriate considering our past, I put an end to it real quick. 9 days later she created a secrete instagram account where shes been commmunicating with him since. The other guy is also married with kids. Messages have been deleted, I know they met once at a work enivorment in that time, but I dont believe any physical contact has happened. Just no opportunity considering our schedules and distance apart. From the explanation I got there was lots of flirting and exchanges of pics. More emotional cheating. This guy broke it off with her about a month ago. She was appartently "devistated". She met another guy off tik tok of all places. Started chatting up with him in instagram and met in person on a work trip several weeeks ago. I was able to see those messages and I know nothing physical happened. But there was lots of pics exchanged. Pics that I thought were for me on Valentines day this year. This last guy was innocent, she told him she was getting divorced and was totally duped by her.

I'm at a loss guys. I suspected something for several months, a gut feeling, little things, but no proof to confront her about it. Last night I was able to get her cell phone and took 5 seconds to find the IG account and messages. All those years of work...down the fucking drain. I dont know how I can ever trust her again. She may have not fucked anyone this time but it was just a matter of time, I believe. What's crazy, as distraught as I am about this, its nothing compared to how I felt the first time it happened.

Some of the signs I recognized that something may be going on were... this last year our marriage has seemed great! I mean great! I get all the sex I want, she innitiates abunch, shes always happy. Very similar to the year leading up to the first time I caught her. Another sign was that everytime I walk up while shes on her phone shes swiping up to close an app and moving on to something else, just as I walk up. Another thing...on a couple occasions, while she was out of town and met the two guys, I was able to see her location via iphone and it was not were I expected, but I know those could be off so I didnt say anything based on just that.

Im at a loss and dont know what to do right now. Im numb. She was hysterical last night balling her eyes out crying telling me how she loved me and didnt know what was wrong with her and didnt know how to stop. Fuck my life! the end mad

18 comments posted: Wednesday, October 5th, 2022

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