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Is it any wonder marriage stats are going down

So speaking with a nephew that I hadn't spoken to in around a year. I knew at the time that he and his common law partner were having problems and would likely be splitting up. Its a young couple that produced 1 off spring. He and the live in GF were together for about 2 years and then split up. They were split up for about 2 years and then one day while both had been drinking they hooked up and low and behold she ends up pregnant, poor judgement on both of their parts. They decide to try to make a go of it and she moves in with him (relocation is a long-distance move for her to where he lives, in a town with a fairly high cost of living.) She has a high paying occupational field but chooses to work part-time, he works 3 jobs to cover the bills.

So here is the situation of where he is at now. They split up almost a year ago, he has his own place, and they have shared custody of their child 50/50 since they split. They are going the legal route on the split even though they weren't married because he felt her expectations regarding child support and spousal support were unreasonable.

He has consulted a lawyer and they are close to their court date but he is terrified. In speaking with his lawyer she has told him that depending on the judge she can be awarded as little as 3 years of spousal support or as much as 16 years, all because they lived together for a year. He has done the online calculations for child support and has been paying that plus extra since they split.

I just don't understand how this could be. If you look at it by the hourly wage she makes around 5-6 dollars an hour more than he does and in her chosen field if she chose to work full time she would easily make more than he does working all 3 jobs, jobs that he is working simply to be able to pay her but because he is working them his income goes up and so goes the payment demands.

None of this takes into account that the Lawyer told him that the spousal support could actually be higher than the child support and for as long as 16 years. When he was shopping around for a lawyer, the one he got is considered the best in the area by everyone he spoke to.

How on earth could you be stuck paying spousal support for 16 years because you lived with someone for a year. After hearing that I must say I find it incredible that anybody is willing to take the risk of living with or marrying somebody.

6 comments posted: Monday, October 26th, 2020

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