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Me: BH ~ 30y/o Her: EX-WW ~30y/o ~5y marriage 0 children (thank God) WW cheated with lesbian coworker early 2016 Divorced early 2018 Trying to go NC, but ex-ww reaches out trying to be friends (or something like that)

Psychiatrist And Therapist Recommendation

I recently posted in a different forum here seeking advice on how to move forward. I got a lot of good responses, one of which recommended I seek out a psychiatrist and new therapist.

I know many are doing remote sessions these days, and searching online is pretty slim in my town. I'm interested in any recommendations anyone here may have for someone who helped you tremendously, especially anyone who was really effective in helping you find acceptance and growth with moving forward, and/or who specializes in grief/trauma/divorce/infidelity.

I'm almost 5yrs out and still struggling. Any recommendations would be appreciated! Thank you.

7 comments posted: Sunday, March 7th, 2021

Recommendation: BS healing with Affair/Divorce

Looking for a book recommendation for healing after affair alone ... without WS.

STBXWW and I are divorcing and I'm looking for recommendations for healing in this situation (seems like most books are aimed at restoring trust, healing together, etc.).


6 comments posted: Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

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