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Personality type of a serial cheater

My D-Day was in 2016 and we've been together since ups and downs, but basically we are doing well. Looking back on my marriage prior to D-Day, I believe that there may have been more than just one affair and my latest observation has made me wonder if my husband has a "repeat offender" personality. So here's what happened: About 3 weeks ago, he had a triple bypass and was in intensive care for a couple of days. His favorite nurse in the ICU was just wonderful and took great care of him, constantly making sure that he was comfortable. He's home now and recovery is going well. The name of this nurse has come up quite a bit since we've been back, so much so that it is evident that she is on his mind. He even mentioned that he would like to buy her a gift and deliver it next time we are in the area of the hospital. I couldn't help but to notice that he didn't think about getting the doctor who saved his life a gift or any of the other nurses. I've heard experts on infidelity talk about a personality that some wayward spouses have, one that has a great need for attention. I also know that the other woman in 2016 (the only other woman that I'm sure about) showered him with compliments and he just couldn't get enough of this sort of thing. My question to you guys is this: Do you think this need for admiration is more of a serial cheater character trait? I think it is and, if so, maybe I should pay closer attention! By the way, this nurse was not in the least bit attractive and many of his other nurses were. It has nothing to do with looks with him, it's wanting to be the focus of another person.

5 comments posted: Friday, August 13th, 2021

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