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1 comment posted: Monday, November 1st, 2021

Does anyone else play Animal Crossing New Horizons?

OMG THIS UPDATE. I'm so excited!

I've restarted my island 3-4 times, and I'm strongly considering doing it again before the update hits on November 5. I love the thrill of a new layout.

3 comments posted: Friday, October 15th, 2021

Tetris Helps Tame Intrusive Thoughts Associated with Trauma

A friend posted a meme on Facebook that said "24 hours after a traumatic event, or as soon as you are safe, play Tetris. It significantly reduces the likelihood of intrusive memories."

I did a quick Google search - "Tetris intrusive thoughts" - and up popped several links. I immediately knew that I needed to share it here. smile

Here's a quote from a 2017 NPR article:

Holmes (psychology professor) feels that playing Tetris shortly after an accident (trauma) can interfere with memory consolidation, or the gradual conversion of short-term memories into more permanent ones. Evidence suggests that there is a window following a trauma in which a bad memory can be disrupted or avoided — and in which memories can be uncoupled from the brain's emotional centers.

She admits that the findings are probably not unique to Tetris. Traumatic memories are often highly sensory: Sights and sounds of a trauma can flash back in horrifying detail. Holmes believes that any highly visual activity that stimulates the brain's sensory centers might prevent graphic recollections from forming in the first place. The colors, shapes and constant movement of Tetris may do just that, but based on Holmes' past research, activities like digital pub quizzes and counting exercises do not. She plans to study other visually engaging interventions like drawing and the video game Candy Crush in the near future.

Fascinating, eh?

Go ahead and play your puzzle games. It's THERAPY. grin

17 comments posted: Thursday, October 14th, 2021

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