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Un-doing/learning covid social distancing

I was chatting with my W the other day about what life will look like post-COVID and I put words to something that I'd not really thought about before. Now, I'm an introvert to start with, so being around people was always hard for me, but I realized in our discussion, I'm downright uncomfortable around people now. The thought of crowds/airports/events just makes me nearly panic. It's been so long that I've been living this way, only seeing her and my family for close to a year, I just can't imagine being around lots of people again.

As some of you know, I used to fly a lot for work. I haven't been on a plane in a year, and, during our conversation, I thought through the "airport experience", 1000's of people around me, bumping into me, 0 "social distance" and I nearly had a panic attack. I've gotten so used to my 6'+ bubble, which, for me at least, is what I've kind of always wanted, that the thought of being close to that many people again honestly gives me the willies.

Now, all this said, I know I'm an outlier. I'm extremely introverted and COVID just watered the garden, it let me live in my "preferred" manner. Now, before anyone jumps on me, the cost paid wasn't worth it, I lost 2 family members to COVID; it's just an observation that the virus pushed everyone into my personal preferred way to deal with other people; remotely and as needed to accomplish a goal rather than in-person and informal.

As I thought this through, I talked to my W about it and she has 2 girlfriends who've said their husbands are the same way now. They never want to even see other people anymore and they are upset about it (my wife, less so, she's also very introverted).

Maybe this is a case of "be careful what you wish for"? I spent most of my working life in big cities, flying from one place to the next and praying it would stop at some point. It has stopped, and, honestly, I'm happy with my new life, but I do wonder if the preference for isolation will just continue to grow. Maybe it was a good thing I was pushed out of my comfort zone (although, to be fair, even today, I have a hard time thinking that's true, so much bad came of being pushed out, including my W's A, that I really struggle to see the upside of jetting from one corner of the globe to the other).

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