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Looking for…understanding/encouragement

Haven’t posted in some time. Dday was 10/2016. WH had Physical A for 3 months. R took several years.
Fast forward and 20th anniversary is this month and this "milestone" is bringing up more negative than positive feelings. Hurt that the marriage and vows weren’t honored by WH and that celebrating 20 years doesn’t feel authentic.

The goals had been to renew vows in celebration of R and that hasn’t happened yet, not a formal ceremony just words to one another….
A new anniversary also doesn’t feel correct. We
Have been married for 2 decades and "in good times and in bad" certainly applies to recovery from an A. How have others navigated this?

7 comments posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2024

A season….7 years after Dday

Reflecting more than I’d like to be as I approach 7 years from Dday next week.
A season unfortunately included our anniversary and WH birthday.
While we’ve made strides in R after his PA, things like this are still soured by what happened.
I suppose just looking for support from those who have special events in the midst of A season and how to keep moving forward reclaiming those dates….

9 comments posted: Saturday, September 30th, 2023

Anniversary in middle of A season?

Haven’t been on SI much in a bit, but am coming up on 6 years post Dday. 10/3/16. Wow, 6 years.
Wondering how others in R deal with wedding anniversaries? While we are still
Together and WH continues to work hard in being the best husband and father he can be; affair season happens to include our wedding anniversary which is a struggle.
18 years of marriage, 5 of which post A is an accomplishment, but not one Id announce publicly due to his A….
We celebrate anniversary privately each year and are in agreement we’d like to renew vows in the near future. Has anyone done a vow renewal post A and If so did you choose another date or anniversary?
Thanks all

6 comments posted: Friday, September 9th, 2022

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