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Me: BW Him: WH Dday sometime August 2017 after returning to work from maternity leave with third kid. Separated shortly after. Divorced 2021 after he ignored every court date and document sent to him.

It's done!

I received an email from my lawyer yesterday...everything was signed on the 4th so I've been divorced for almost a week and didn't know. I'll be speaking to my attorney later this week about the specifics but it looks like I got everything I asked for plus a bit. Based on the tone, I think I would have been given more if there was more.

I am trying to decide how to celebrate. I can't exactly go out and paint the town with COVID and having the kids all the time. Plus, how do you explain to kids mommy is celebrating her divorce from your daddy?

Honestly I'm just happy it's done and my lawyer is being very generous with settling my debts with him. On to the rest of my life!

17 comments posted: Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

I'm not ok

I'm not sure if this is the right forum or even webpage but I'm not ok. Last night the woman who bought the marital home from me texted that a neighbor had seen WH hanging around the garage that afternoon. Now, I don't know if he knows I sold the house or not. I had to get a judge's order so I could sell it without him as he was out of state and living in his car at the time.

I thought he was now literally across the country from me. His dad kicked him out last week and supposedly bought him a train ticket to a destination of his choosing. I thought it was a good sign he chose as far away as possible from us. The vehicle he had has been scrapped. I had to arrange that as he abandoned it near his mom's house when he was sent to his dad.

I made a call to his mom. She thought he was out west too. But she contacted his sister since he's not talking to his mom. She thinks he's still out there too but also said he has several thousands of dollars and could have bought a plane ticket back. But why?

When I explained what was going on to his mother, she asked if I had a gun. She says he's been saying awful things and threatening things about me. I'm not surprised about that but when I thought he was across the country it didn't matter. He couldn't act on it. Now? Is he here? Not here? Even if he is around here, what can I do about it? I already have a PFA but it doesn't extend to the kids. My lawyer has said don't hand kids over if he tries to pick them up but the school can't stop him and neither can the day care. I don't think the two oldest would go with him anyway and the director of the daycare has promised to call me and stall him if he shows there.

As you can probably tell, I'm very worried. Are his threats all bluster? I know if I'm actually in his reach they won't be but I also didn't think he'd come back here. And I don't even know if he did! He could very well still be out west and the neighbor was mistaken.

I'm also concerned that the couple that bought the house were concerned enough to text me. They own a business in the area so we knew them. They were so nice during the house buying process. I didn't think they knew much about what went on but obviously they saw something that made them feel the need to warn me about second hand information.

Ok, this went longer than I intended. I don't like feeling this way. I don't like that my dad had to stop by last night because all we had was target ammo and he had five rounds to spare. I don't like that he has the rest in his handgun at his place. We never kept loaded weapons before.

This just stinks.

25 comments posted: Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

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