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Aim for the best case & plan for the worst case.When you encounter a detour on life's journey, pick yourself up and MAKE the road YOU want to be on. Finding my own path.

Thoughts and prayers please - not for me

Yesterday there was an accident involving a few of my DD teammates at college. It was an atv rollover. The one girl that had a head injury now has no brain function and is on a ventilator. She was just a freshman. She got to play in a game last week. Her family lives a few states away and they have made it to her bedside.

Please send your thoughts and prayers out to this family, her teammates and coaching staff at college, the new friends she made at college this past month, as well as everyone else who's life she touched. Grief counselors have been brought into the college earlier today. Many of the students and teammates are far from home.

Thank you.

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Things that can be equally true

I saw this and wanted to share. I think it applies to many subjects that come up here.

Things that can be equally true ...

You are resilient and need a break

You gave your all and need to back out

You are independent and still need others

You were sure and things have changed

You are kind and have boundaries

Others have it worse and your pain is valid

You did your best and now you know more


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