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BW, 43 Dday #1- Nov. 2018, Dday # 2- Jan. 2019, Dday #3, April 2019, Divorce final -June 2020 3 children- 17, 13, 10 It’s time to move on...

There is happiness after it all….

It has been 2 years since I logged into my account here. I don’t know why I felt compelled to look it up today. But o want to give back! My story is like so many of yours, almost 3 yrs ago, I discovered my ex was cheating. I did everything I could to take him back, all the wrong things! I ignored the advice of so many of the veterans on here, because I thought we were different, that my WH could never be like that. Well, I was so wrong. He never stopped. Finally after DDay #3, and lots of small suspicions in between, I said no more. I felt like my life was ending, like I just didn’t want to go on. But I’m here today to tell you, there is life after infidelity and you can survive. I’m one year post divorce and I am so much happier. I no longer have to worry what he’s doing. Im not crippled by anxiety regarding the what if’s. I am free. My ex married the OW in April. And I don’t care, let her have him. Im better off.

I remember combing these forums for positive stories, because I was so desperate to know that I could survive this. Let me be your positive story. I’m single and my life is better. I know it’s hard to picture when you’re on the thick of it, but it is possible! Have hope

12 comments posted: Monday, June 21st, 2021

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