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Life is a wheel. Sooner or later everything you'd left behind comes around again. For good or ill, it comes around again. For what profit is to a man if he gains the world but loses his own soul? BH 32 WW 34 Change4thebetter Working hard


Duplicate post

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Duplicate post

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Hey SI, long time no see!

Things have been going great, considering our journey till this point.

We got a puppy on our anniversary and I got my first tattoo about a week ago on one of the difficult dates in order to take that day back. Needless to say, it worked! The tattoo says, "I forgive" in a language from a novel that only I can read. I got it on my thigh so I can see it every morning and reaffirm that I do, in fact, forgive her.

She is still going strong on being a polar opposite to what she was before DDay 1.

I do still get darkness but I'm working on that. Will probably be working on it for many years. At this point it's my issue, not our issue.

I hope this update is helpful for whoever needs it.

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Fonelab Issues

So I've tried using Fonelab with my WW's iPhone 7+ a couple of times.

It works up until around 74% complete & then the program craps out and crashes. Kaput. Gotta start over each. And every. Time.

After 3.5 hours to GET to 74% (110gb or so), you can imagine how infuriating it is... hasnt even gotten to WhatsApp yet.

Anyone have experience with Fonelab?

It's the paid version of Data recovery.

1 comment posted: Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

Shattered & Heartbroken

I just found this website. Until recently, I never thought that I, of all people, would ever have such a need to.

Until recently, I shook my head in dismay.

Until recently, I believed that the stories I heard would not -- COULD not -- happen to me.

Until recently, I pitied so many others and silently thought they were fools to be drawn back into their relationships.

Recently, that all changed.

It started with our daughter playing with my wife's iPad. She's not even 3 yet, can't read, and yet, she can mess around with an iPad.

She had opened up the messages and I noticed the messages seemed pretty flirtatious for my wife to have with another woman.

I couldn't read further back because the iPad only showed what had been synced, so I had to wait till later....

Fast-forward a few hours. Wife's home. She goes down to do laundry & left her phone out. I got my chance! I quickly went into the conversation with "D."

As I read, my heart started to thump. Even as I write this, my heart's thumping in almost the same way.

Long story short, we've been married for about 4.5 years. And the affair texting went on for almost 3 years.

They were F-buddies before we started going out. We started going out and their relationship shifted from physical to sexting & flirting.

Oh, did I mention he was married to begin with?

She has always struggled with opening up to me emotionally and sexually.

I blame this man. This DOG.

Even while crying in her guilt, she still couldn't give me many details... at first.

I pushed for more. Turns out, she repressed the memories. Until I dredged up every old message with him.

Better yet, she was also flirting with two other married men from her past (also married at that time).

Do I want things to work out? Yes.

Do I want to trust her again? One day, when she earns it.

Am I depressed? Absolutely.

I guess that this was more of a rant to start with than anything else...

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