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Has anyone had any success finding secret email or SM?

Since uncovering his A, his email and SM usage has dropped off. I have passwords to the ones I know about, but of course, he knows I monitor these anyway.

He has computer access at work and a work phone, and at one point I was pretty convinced he was hiding a second personal phone. So could easily have other accounts I know nothing about.

Has anyone had any success finding out about this stuff?

5 comments posted: Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

Origin of pictures recovered from laptop using Recuva

Recuva is a free program advertised to recover lost or deleted pics and other data from devices. When I ran it on WSs laptop, there were a LOT of pictures recovered, manu were obviously photos he'd had from days out, but there were also a lot of other things, including porn, dating profile type pics etc.

Does it mean that all these pictures had been saved on the laptop by him at some point, or are they just ones temporarily saved to the computer as he was viewing things online? I really don't know how this works, but he says that some of them must specifically have been from pop ups, and from his browsing. Obviously it's a different matter if he had saved these things, a couple were from a sexting chat site, for example, though only the initial info screens. And there were a lot of amateur, personal type pics where the woman was fully clothed which I can't imagine him saving for later porny viewing, so if it *had* been saved deliberately, it would theoretically have been because it had been sent to him directly so saved in email or whatever so he could see it. Unless things are temporarily autosaved as you browse anyway.

Hope that makes sense.

0 comment posted: Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

Blackberry smartphone app on Facebook -anyone have knowledge?

Background - WS had a work Blackberry a few years ago, I have since found evidence he had Twitter on it, so obviously used for non work purposes.

He left that job and I assumed he handed it in. Started another job (we moved countries) in which he works away from home a lot, and has an office when he goes in which he can leave things full time. So easy to hide a second device I'd know nothing about.

Anyways, looking on his FB today, it said two apps were active (recently used), one of which was the blackberry app, which I don't think I've noticed before. The expired list states those apps are expired because they haven't been used for 90 days or more. He mostly stopped using FB when I started monitoring his personal cell phone and laptop after dday.


1. The blackberry app should surely be on that expired list? Or is that not an accurate observation for all apps? Do some stay on the active list longer/permanently?

2. His FB password has been changed since he had the work BB, so do you need to enter the password everytime when logging into FB from the BB? If so, and the movement to the expiry list works for all apps equally, this must mean that HE has logged into his FB on a BB within 90 days?

He was working away for the most part of the first part of this year (ie within 90 days), and it appears he is inappropriate usually while working away (porn, dating sites, deleted emails on a new account, some inappropriate contact with colleagues, but all stuff I've found, so there could be much more I don't know). He's denied having a second device all along (as he would), but I'm very concerned he's using the old BB now, and still hiding stuff despite all the right words in trying to move towards R. This app being active has really thrown me. It has his usual email and phone number in the details, so the only thing I can think he'd be able to hide is secret messenger conversations from that device to another? Am I right in thinking they wouldn't show if I logged into his messenger account on a different device? I asked him to send a NC message to OW via messenger a week or so ago, it wouldn't send from his FB logged on the laptop (said the user could be found, or something), yet when I used the messenger app on my phone in his account, it had no problem. I don't know what that means.

I'm v confused, any illuminating advice is v welcome. I don't know what to do about it. If I ask, he'll lie, prob say either he doesn't know, or he handed the BOB and someone else is using it for FB. But would that show on his account? Surely only if his account was logged in, and how is that going to happen? The only thing I can think of to do is constantly check his log in activity, and see if it specified BB as the device. Very unlikely to catch it though. Is there a way of getting a longer list of logins than is shown on screen? Does BB shown up as a specific device on the login list? Do I remove it and see if it reappears?

Sorry this is such a ramble. It's first dday anniversary today (although last night was when I found out from OW, he admitted it the next day) and he hasn't acknowledged it at all. Despite my discussing it a while back and saying he should do something nice to counteract it. It's a bad day, and I can't think straight.

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1 comment posted: Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

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