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Her: WS, 35 at the time of the A Me: BS, 40 at the time if the A, 2 kids 7&9. Him: OM, 50, colonel in the AF, married, two grown kids, and a compulsive cheat Now, WS 65, Me 70, Him 79 WS attempted to contact him and I found the card after 25 ye

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Not Just Friends

I think I have read nearly every book written in the last 20 years on the subject of infidelity trying to understand how my WS could meet and bed a total stranger after 13 years of marriage, a faith filled life, 7 pregnancies, and ever lasting love from me. This book, by Shirley Glass, provided more insight, more answers and more guidance than all the others put together. I have read it multiple times. I gave it to my wife and asked her to read it. Its now been nearly 4 months and every time I mention it to her, she reads a couple of pages and then tells me how "wrong" it all is. I gave it to our therapist and his response was, "She is ashamed, embarrassed, and unable of admitting to herself that the truth of the affair may be something that even she does not understand." She says she never LOVED him, never wanted sex with him, never intended for it to go one so long and knew after the first time they fucked that she was in over her head. That didn't stop it from continuing for a year sexually, and 3 more years emotionally. I seek understanding and reconciliation but it escapes me.

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