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Bishop lost his clerical rights to practice

In the country where I live the church has made a decision to remove a bishop from the clerical state (I am not sure if that is the correct English term) for having a 2 year affair with an employee. It is a historical decision. Last time the church took such a measure was in the 50's (and not due to infidelity). The reason the church gave was primarely because he broke his clerical vows and did not live by example.

There is now a public debate where many people are of the opinion that to punish someone for infidelity is 'outdated'. Others, including myself, think that he broke the clerical vows and knew this was a likely outcome for this type of behavior.

In some ways I do think the decision to take away his clerical rights is a bit harah. I mean, he will not be able to practice as a bishop or priest anymore. His whole 'career' is done. But on the other hand, I do expect more from spiritual leaders who preach morality and ethics to others.

Just thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss here. Should a priest (or other spiritual leades) lose his or her right to practice because they had an affair?

20 comments posted: Thursday, February 3rd, 2022

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