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Odd question from cheating husband…

So, my husband, whom I am still married to, who previously lived two different lives, and who still may be…said this to me…
"So, Bob, asked if you were working next Saturday, and if you were, he wanted to me to go out with him."
Side note, I know Bob. And my husband recently referred to him as a "dog".
My husband played dumb…. And said "that’s weird.
I replied…"well clearly he doesn’t want me to join, so maybe he just wants to go out with you."
I honestly don’t care…
I feel like he wants me to keep encouraging him.

8 comments posted: Monday, November 15th, 2021

I never got the answer “why” from him.

After being with him since 2008, we married in 2013, found out he was living a double life in 2018, since before he met & married me!
Nothing has been reconciled, we’re miserabley married still , but he’s never answered as to why!
I’m stuck, unless I hit the lottery!

30 comments posted: Sunday, August 22nd, 2021

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