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WW caught in EA May 17 DDay Mar 19 it was full PA Struggling for R, but still trying.

Infidelity and your bodies response

I know there are plenty of studies regarding the impact of negative emotions on your bodies general wellbeing, but after today I thought I would share what has happened to me since my WW's first DDay.

DDay 1 may 2017, she refused NC even developed a serious "friendship" with the guy in front of me, by jan-18 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, which following several studies and my own personal experience is aggravated by stress.

DDay 2 mar-19, I had a big flare up of my UC requiring heavy dose steroids, probably didn't help us as it made me fairly belligerent and aggressive for a few weeks.

jun-19 we went on our previously arranged holiday TO near where the AP lived, when I came back I was given the news I had possible advanced prostate cancer. Luckily after alot of tests it was ONLY prostatitis, but still threw me for a loop.

Mar-20 lockdown commences, watching her chat so so much with the AP triggered another flare up.. At which point I was told I would have to go on immuno suppressive drugs to combat my UC. I have avoided these by making a radical change to my diet and exercise and have maintained my UC since then.

Then this morning, after a fairly stressful Xmas and new year, dealing with a recalcitrant WS I had chest pains and numbness and am now spending the weekend in hospital getting tested left right and centre for a suspected heart attack.. I am not overweight, exercise very regularly, eat well, and stress still gets to me..

So if ever you do struggle with life after infidelity.. Please, Please, please look after yourself first and foremost. And try anyway to not let the stress get to you.

20 comments posted: Saturday, January 15th, 2022

Feels like going backwards

I thought we had been doing well, my WW and I would talk, go for walks, go to gym together, I thought we were finally putting her affair behind us. Then in the last month or so she has suddenly become very argumentative, extremely picky, nagging about stupid insignificant things. When I asked her what was up she just said that things were getting on top of her and why should it bother me.

I just responded that the last time she was anywhere near like this she was in the middle of an affair and the behaviour seemed consistent.

She then lost it, saying I should be past it by now (2yrs 4months) that what she did didn't give me the right to judge her everytime she is off, that I needed to accept who she was and that that was part of her past. She literally was 100% opposite of the person who told me she was sorry and would do anything to make up for what she had done..

Has anyone else had one of these blips with their wayward partner during attempted R??

7 comments posted: Monday, July 19th, 2021

New years resolutions

Are you making any resolutions tonight for 2021?

Mine are simple, Spend more time with my kids, eat more healthily, go to the gym more and look after MY interests more.

8 comments posted: Thursday, December 31st, 2020

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