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How to heal a hurt wife??

Welcoming any tips on how to heal a hurt wife. I did the pain. The caused the hurt. She is trying to heal and I’m trying to be the rock to help her through it but I caused it and am a walking trigger. Can anyone share tips they have found helpful to heal a hurt wife?

28 comments posted: Sunday, April 26th, 2020

Timeline questions and Help

I’ve been told by my BS that timelines are big in the process of healing. My problem is I have trouble remembering dates and years. I attempted on and turned I to just a long run on sentence of memories but not in an order. And didn’t really help. Does anyone have guidance or examples. Especially trying to piece together memories by dates or without them specifically. Has anyone done this here? Was it beneficial? Help or tips when creating one? Thank you.

17 comments posted: Saturday, April 25th, 2020

Porn and Infidelity - Is there a link?

Has or does anyone have any information or opinion on if porn has any correlation to infidelity?

If you are a wayward, do you watch porn?

If so, does your partner know?

If yes, how do they feel about it?

Does your partner know you masturbate to porn/thoughts of sex with others?

Looking to start the discussion and interested in hearing honest feedback. Thank you.

9 comments posted: Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

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