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Just stuck in this low mode

Long story short I found my wife sexting another man but never was able to prove they were together. She continued texting over and over... she always denied it until I gave proof... ugh.. exhausing...I could never find anything conclusive that she actually met with him... at this point I don't know that it would matter because...

We split for a while. I saw what that was doing to our kids, it was not fair to them.

We are back together - pretending all is well, but there is no intimacy. Every day I feel somewhat low, and feel like I'm being played. As if a bunch of people are in on a secret that I'm not. My kids, God bless them, don't deserve this. I just want them to be happy and spring forth in life.

I don't bother talking to my wife about how I feel because I don't think she cares - a long as the money train is running she's okay as long as she doesn't have to commit to working. I make a good living, she doesn't have to work, but yet she still finds things to complain about, politics, church, people, you name it. While she does that I think to myself, "What does this have to do with raising kids and getting them through college?" or "It would be nice to have you say things to me that you once texted to another guy....." but no - just blah....

She does do some work around the house.

Whenever I see her I often think to myself, "Liar... unfaithful..." sometimes even "scumbag". I know that's bad and it's a sin, but it just comes to mind.

Just venting - need to know SOMEONE in the world hears me.

Sometimes I wonder if you live long enough, if it's impossible to just relax and enjoy life - because there are so many pressures and strains on you to perform and you just know too much --- you've lived so long and experienced trauma at some point, you just aren't a kid anymore.... wonder if most people are in a "low" mode and I just need to suck it up.

8 comments posted: Saturday, February 12th, 2022

Should I monitor her vacation?

Need an honest answer from those willing to take the time to read this.

Background: I caught my wife sexting another man. After multiple lies and continued contact with him I was sure there was something more going on but could never prove it. We separated but are now back together after counseling and reconciliation.

She just told me she plans to go on a trip with her girlfriends to the same city this guy lives in. Needless to say, I think it's a poor choice but I didn't want to say no because if she wants to cheat, she's going to cheat and no amount of 'no's' will change that. The question I have is, should I hire someone to follow her? What would you do? Do you think hiring a PI undermines the reconciliation?

Interesting fact: When I caught her texting the guy the first time it was the weekend of his birthday. This trip, is also happening the weekend of his birthday.

89 comments posted: Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Reality for those considering

Considering separation? I hope my story helps in some way. I have kids and am 6 months into separation. I've learned a lot.

I am about to share information that I believe will help some of you. I’ve made some bold decisions over the past 18 months and I’d like to share with you so, beyond theory, it may help you make decisions.

18 months ago I caught my wife (married 15 years) romantically texting another man. She lied about it and continued to lie to me for months as she continued to contact him. When caught in her lies, she would either apologize or she would go on the attack against me, but either way, It was never resolved. She refused to renew our vows, go to counseling, or show empathy.

We have three children, ages 7, 10 and 15.

I struggled with my wife’s behavior. I thought she wanted out of the marriage. I thought I was losing my family. I couldn’t sleep at night. I couldn’t work effectively and was prescribed anti-anxiety medication. I began to self-harm, hitting myself in the face sometimes because it made me “feel”. These were all signs of CPTSD, because over the course of many year and ramping up over the past few months, my wife was taking advantage of the fact that I was an empath. I believe I was a co-dependent. Her behavior rocked my foundation.

My wife showed all the signs of narcissism. Good chance she has a disorder. I read all of the books and watched all the YouTube videos. I became an expert. It’s helpful to understand what you are dealing with but I will tell you, I never found the solution outside of me. I only made progress when I looked inside. Why did I fall in love with someone like this? All of the answers came through meditation, sleep, and doing less, not doing more. Remove the distractions in life. Eat well. Be kind to yourself. Let me repeat, be KIND TO YOURSELF. Show compassion for yourself.

After a year of no progress with my wife and climbing out of the darkness through much counseling, I told my wife we were separating.

For those of you wondering what it would be like to tell your children, I can tell you first hand it is utterly heartbreaking. To see the look in their eyes, of hurt, knowing your words are hurting them, is something you must understand is going to happen. They don’t care if mommy or daddy was naughty, they just want their mommy and daddy.

I moved out and my wife and I each took the kids for a week. At first, I felt great. I healed. The kids actually didn’t mind it and thought it was fun at first. But, the newness goes away and then…

The kids have a lot of questions about why. I followed the rule of not talking bad about your spouse. I told them what I could but never spoke ill of mommy.

Then, the relationship with the children changed. I grew closer to my middle child (son) who always argued with mom anyway, but I grew more distant from my other two kids. My 7 year daughter began to get more snarky with me, stopped being the sweet princess she was and became a little more jaded. She became a little resentful of me. My oldest son kept his distance. I was concerned about all of it. My middle child shouldn’t be happy that we divorced and my other two children were obviously affected.

I don’t care what the books or the counselors say. Children aren’t that resilient. They are deeply affected by separation even if you are separating for what you think are the right reasons.

I began to get really bothered when my attorney started trying to dictate my life. Telling me I had to get my daughter to counseling because it will be important for the courts to have an independent person taking note of behavioral changes and how the parents are behaving with the children. Basically, if I wanted to put myself in the best position legally, I would need to do things with my children I didn’t want to do.

The separation agreement was a very long and detailed document. Everything from who gets the kids on the holidays to who gets grandma’s bookshelf. It was daunting to develop and absorb that this is what we had to agree to. As if we were losing control of our lives.

Any thought about future relationships and any excitement I had about a fresh start with new love, I began to realize, was just a dream. In reality, I have three kids, and all of my thoughts floated back to doing what is best for them. What is best for the children who love their mom?

Throughout all of this, my wife wanted us to be married again. After the initial shock and anger from her, she softened. She agreed to go to counseling. She began to try.

And here I am, convinced that there are two options and either option means I have to give up control.

Option 1: Stay separated and continue to position myself the best way legally, taking my kids to counseling but surely making my wife mad in the process, and seeing the negative impact this has on the children. Getting approval on the separation agreement from a judge.

Option 2: As long as my wife shows some effort, even if it’s a sliver of light, accept it and bring the family back together. Ditch the lawyer, the separation agreement, the suitcases, the apartment, the explanations, the building resentment of the kids.

I’m choosing Option 2. If my wife didn’t care or didn’t try, I would not have been able to choose Option 2. I do believe she still has narcissist traits and we will need to discuss those in counseling.

Here is my strongest recommendation for you, if you have children ---- if your spouse is willing to try, accept it and try to create something with them. Something different but that can last. Please do NOT tell your children you want a separation unless you truly believe it’s over. Unfortunately, I do think the advice that children are resilient is bogus – I know first hand it will impact them negatively. That’s reality.

If I hadn’t changed, become stronger, more independent, and deal with my co-dependancy then I would not be ready to try again. I’m different now. I’ve learned a lot. I would do some things differently. I hope this helps someone. I’m very sorry for what you are going through. You don’t deserve it, but your decisions are bigger than you, so take your time and be kind to yourself.

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Circling Back

About a year ago I sanctimoniously posted on this site telling people that if you've been cheated on (like I was) it primarily was fixable through self-reflection and being a better person.

That was really bad advice.

Your spouse needs to own what they did and make it right. You DID NOT deserve it.

My wife didn't make it right. She put no effort in to make it right. I left her a week ago. Every day that goes by, I feel better about my decision.

I'm sorry for those of you who are still battling with this, but trust me, if your kids know that you love them, then they deserve a you that is loved and cherished and respected. I have set an example for my children - and they see I stood up to someone who treated me so poorly. I'm feeling great about 2021.

2020 required me to make a lot of hard decisions but after commiting to those decisions I feel a weight off of my shoulders. I hope you listen to yourself, trust yourself again and make the decision that is right. You do not deserve to live in a toxic relationship. Not another day.

21 comments posted: Friday, December 18th, 2020

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