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Daughter attempted suicide

Well SI friends I am sitting here in my house exhausted and afraid. I came home after a walk in the nick of time to stop my daughter from killing herself. Caught her with knife in hand attempting to kill herself. Ran after her to her bedroom and confronted her . I got it out of her that she had been planning it for awhile. I called the suicide hotline and spoke with someone who also spoke with my daughter. Took her to a lock down unit and dropped her off tonight. Stayed with her for as long as I could. Held her tight and wanted so badly to take her home with me and it took everything in me to let her go. I felt things tearing me up inside when I left her there. Thought about counting her ten fingers and then toes when she was born. Thought about how I always wanted to protect her and give her the world but couldn't. Thought about holding her as a baby thinking this is the most valuable treasure in the world. I feel like blaming myself right now and it just hurts so bad. Love that girl more than my own life. Shit...crying buckets right now. Am alone in this. Husband is out of town and she didn't want her dad or stepmom there. When I spoke to her biological father about being home tomorrow his response was "Well I am going camping". I reached my now husband and he said he will be here tomorrow morning. Will contact his job and come right home. He is a ways away. God this hurts. Just needed to reach out to someone now.

101 comments posted: Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

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