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Because I can't tell this secret in real life, I'm totally blabbing it here......

I'm going to be a grandma!!

It's still early in the pregnancy and my son and DIL are not ready to announce yet. I am so excited for them! I have already started online browsing, and have picked out a few things for them (and baby) for Christmas.


21 comments posted: Monday, November 8th, 2021

When it feels like a Dday, but it's really not

I'm in a funk today, and it's my own damn fault. This time of year is tough, and often triggery. As I tend to do during this time of year, I have been thinking a lot about all the shit that went down and the terrible Fall and holiday season 6 years ago when I was mostly content, looking forward to the holidays, unaware that my life was about to blow up.

Recently made a connection that threw me for a loop. It was all information that I already had. It wasn't a new discovery. I didn't catch him in a lie or uncover something he had been hiding. I just made a connection that I hadn't realized before. It hit me like a ton of bricks. It felt like a new betrayal. There isn't anything that fWH did or didn't do (other than whoring in the first place) that caused this.

I told him about it and have asked for extra patience and reassurance. He is responding with exactly the support and understanding I need, but this still really sucks.

Has this happened with anyone else? I am so sad and discouraged and feeling set back in my healing, even though nothing new has occurred. The shit sandwich really has a lingering after taste, doesn't it?

10 comments posted: Friday, October 15th, 2021

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