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Together 33 years Married. 17 years

Hot & Cold

Looking to get an opinion on if it is normal to have changing feelings towards WS. Some days I can barely let him kiss me and feel like actually punching him and other days I am a mess and crying. He lacks empathy and seems to think I should be over it all now. He swears on everyones life that he is not leaving me and yet he continues to defend the actions of the AP. The AP also spread lies and gossip about me and ruined most of my friendships. I am struggling to heal as my life is still in tatters and he seems not to understand why I am still struggling. How long before you start to feel better on average?

11 comments posted: Tuesday, February 15th, 2022

Friends or ex friends in the middle of it all

My WH & I are supposed to be in reconciliation although I am struggling to believe his commitment to it. As a result of his what I think was EA not PA, I have found myself abandoned somewhat by females of our social circle as some friends seemed to support OW. My WH has suggested we meet up with them and their husbands and see how it goes. I said without an apology or explanation as have known them like 40 years, I would feel this is just fake. Husband says he was trying to help me as I have been obviously upset by this in addition to OW. OW is still friends with them however her friendship only goes back 10 years. Should I give them a chance? I have asked one of them to explain a horrid situation i found myself in with the OW rubbing my face in the affair and the m being present at the time. The friend did not want to discuss it. I feel betrayed by everyone.

12 comments posted: Sunday, December 19th, 2021

Rug sweeping and leaking information

My WH has always had a problem with responsibility & blames others when he is clearly at fault. He has recently started admitting things he is guilty about that happened years ago. We are supposed to be reconciling and yet there is still things about his affair that he is keeping back. We also have the occasional tears when I think he allows himself to accept he is to blame however he remains silent on explaining. Has anyone else had this as not sure if he cannot face himself or is still lying?

9 comments posted: Thursday, November 4th, 2021

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