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So You've Been Publicly Shamed

So You've Been Publicly Shamed By Jon Ronson

My son gave me the audio book to listen to on my four hour round-trip weekly journey to take care of my mother. It couldn't have been a more appropriate time as the Ashley Madison hack had just occurred and there were certain to be a few parallels. It was absolutely fascinating. I like to listen to podcasts during my drive and, sometimes, if the subject matter is a bit dull, I will find my mind wandering. That did not happen even once with this book. In fact, if I got a phone call while I was listening, it really made me mad and I'd have to back up when it was over.

The book is about the effects of public shaming on both the person who is shamed and the person who does the shaming. The author interviews numerous people who have been publicly shamed, from an author who was found to have lied and plagiarized in his books to people who have posted something considered horrible and inappropriate on Twitter and Facebook. But he also interviews the person who was, at the least, the catalyst for the public shaming. Having the effects play out from all sides is very enlightening. The book really made me think about my internet persona and what I'm putting out there. It also made me think a little harder about how I respond to people on social networks.

Every moment of every chapter was engaging despite the author have a very calm, lulling voice. Had he been reading anything else, I'm certain he'd have put me to sleep. But the book was so good, I'm reading "The Psychopath Test" by Jon Ronson now.

I hope someone here gets as much out of it as I did.

3 comments posted: Thursday, September 10th, 2015

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