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Phone access problems

We’re only 4 months out from finding out about the affair. WS has been completely fine with me having access to his phone this entire time. All the sudden this last weekend he got upset with me and now going through his phone is a problem. No I wasn’t doing it everyday prior to this past weekend. Only once in awhile. But since his demeanor change I did today and Monday I think it was. I guess all the silence and avoiding and his behavior has me real triggered. Also the AP is his children’s mother so he can’t do 100% no contact. They only group message with me in it and he swears he doesn’t email her or message her anymore. She promised me she’d tell me if he ever reached out up her privately again. She had no idea he and I were together during the times he was sleeping with her. Little backstory there…. Sorry. Anyways.

When I ask him why is it an issue now? He says "I need to see someone about this. That it’s too much. You still haven’t told me what you told everyone and I don’t look through your phone."

Now he doesn’t want to talk. I explained that phone access is a must. I don’t care if he looks at my phone. I’ve got nothing to hide.

Anyone have any words of wisdom or help? Feeling lost.

16 comments posted: Friday, January 20th, 2023

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