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just a flared up ball of rage

forthelifeofme posted 9/15/2017 12:03 PM

...OW is running for congress! she's married and was a coworker of my WH twenty years ago when they had hot and heavy fuckfest lunch breaks in the park for just under a year. it was a smaller company. don't you think other coworkers could tell this was going on? WH also hooked up with her from 2008-12 or so. I knew about that friendship but so much about it I didn't know... WH still says the second time around they didn't have sex but just made out in the park with hand jobs over clothes. He says she had body image issues because she had gained 30lbs since their first fling so she didn't want to fuck. am I crazy if I don't believe him? he swears and there really isn't a reason at this point for him to lie about it....idk. back to the fact that she is running for congress. I feel she has gotten off scot free with the affair and was actually in an elected office the second time around playing with my husband. yes, I know we are all human and not perfect and as a whole we are in a time of corruption in the government, law enforcement and everywhere. I, for sure, am far from perfect and would never try to convince anyone that I was. I am not running for office.... I want to vomit when I read about the "honorable" POS and that she has the integrity and blahblahblah to be the best representative for blahblahblah. she poses as a very conservative republican. I want her to hurt and be concerned and I want her followers to know the real truth about her. I found out about their A (jan. 2015) not long after i found out about my WH's quickie A (Dec. 2014) with another past cow. this one was an EA for two months and PA for a week. she made sure I got that info when she was confronted with the fact that I found out about their fuck frenzy and my WH was trying to break it off with her. this cow said that the other politician cow also had an affair with her husband. oh geez such the shit show.... my husband and I are actually in R process and doing fairly well... I do still have some serious balls of rage deep in the pit of my stomach now and again. i usually work myself through them but sometimes I just want to sucker punch all involved in my hell phases. this rant was mostly just opening that pressure release valve. I just wonder if there was a way to shake the POS politician's world up just a little....thoughts? even in just jest... thanks for your time

smokenfire posted 9/15/2017 12:11 PM

You were heard.

That's awful.

I'd have to find a little bird to call the press in your area, but I"m evil like that.

SisterMilkshake posted 9/15/2017 12:15 PM

Yes, you could call the political editor at the newspaper and tell them you have some information about the candidate.

You could call the other candidates campaign manager and give them the information.

However, this all means that your husbands name and, probably, your name will be mentioned.

I don't blame you for being angry/raging. We get it. Vent away, sweetie!

thatbpguy posted 9/15/2017 12:18 PM

Were it me, I would at some point in time, let it me known what type of a person she is publically- if the right time arose.

Not to get political, but to me being a "public servant" means a lot. The fact our country is in such bad shape is that our "public servants" are too self serving. We don't need a another betrayer in Congress.

I'd love to help.

forthelifeofme posted 9/15/2017 12:47 PM

the anonymous thing gets in the way... our families or friends do not know about this. it gets tricky and sometimes lonely dealing with it all. I love what SI has to offer us all. our stories are all different and yet similar. something I'd like to do for kicks and revenge is be at a public event of her campaigning or such and be in the reception line to meet and greet, shake hands and say something about her grip. I'm sure she would recognize me and hopefully swallow her tongue or such

Freebygrace posted 9/15/2017 13:12 PM

I think it would be worth having your friends and family find out to ruin her campaign. Do you know how much money she spent on that? And she didn't learn her lesson the first time around and came back for more. She needs some consequences. She needs to be forced to feel remorse.

Her story should be.."I cheated with a married man for years, and then I lost the campaign and my name was smeared and everyone in the world knows exactly who I am now. Plus I lost thousands of dollars that were spent running for office."

Do not let her win! Now is your chance.

trepidation posted 9/15/2017 13:54 PM

You have been handed gold.

Send in the "tip" to whatever media outlet is covering her.

Dismayed2012 posted 9/15/2017 14:15 PM

Call it your service to your country and the public at large. Go to her opponent with the truth and the evidence. Let them know that you don't want to be mentioned. They can be the bad guys while you pretend to be appalled (chuckling privately of course). It will help you shed some anger. How great would that feel?

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