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FaithFool posted 11/15/2017 21:25 PM

There's a banker's box in my storage locker downstairs full of semi-important files.

I just realized I can purge the stuff from 2009 because you only have to hang onto paperwork for seven years for tax reasons.

So off to the shredder go the last of the utility bills, phone records and bank statements from the Year From Hell, the last year I shared a mortgage (but not the house) with X and kept track of the utilities etc. for his taxes.

He was audited that year after he moved out to his sad little basement suite, it was awful. For him. LOL!

I spent that year in the House of Pain, drinking a ton of Cardboardeux and crying my eyes out in the greenhouse out back.

Now I'm purging all that shit, it's been almost 10 years and it feels great to get rid of the last vestiges of the life I thought we had together.

But also weird, because it's been 10 years since 2007, the last year of me living in blissful ignorance. And a tough one too, mom going into assisted living and me spending six loooong months trying to sell the house we shared in a downturn. While he was in Australia with his fuckbuddy...

Sigh. A bit triggery, but I'm processing.


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TrustGone posted 11/15/2017 23:15 PM

I am looking so forward to purging XWH's crap. He has no paperwork of his own, so unfortunately it is something else I got stuck with and have to move around. Hopefully this is the last move. It will be nice to have my closet space for something other than boxes of paperwork from our farm.

The IRS tried to come back on me the last year we were married and said I owed them 10K. I had did the tax return as I always did and even gave XWH#2 the option of filing joint or separate. He decided to take the separate way. Undoubtedly he did not file the tax return I gave to his attorney and went and lied and filed his own. After I presented the IRS with all receipts and paperwork, they sent me a letter that I didn't owe. I am sure he had a hard time with getting Miss Shit for Brains to explain why he had to file either joint or married separate. I hope they came back on him for the taxes, penalty, and interest.

Make a big bonfire and roast some marshmallows.

MaryG posted 11/16/2017 13:06 PM

The most satisfying thing for me was to write to all the credit reference agencies to request financial disassociation from XWH. They all agreed to it but my credit rating is still affected by his mis-management of finances and will be until 2019. The damage he did to me financially is much, much worse than his whoring around.

gardenparty posted 11/16/2017 16:08 PM

Holy it is 10 years for me 2. this means that I can start getting rid of all that old paperwork. sweet!

Williesmom posted 11/16/2017 18:58 PM

Yep. I shredded a bunch of crap from his business this year. I held onto it because he owed me money, but as soon as he paid me, it went.

It feels great to purge that crap from your life.

FaithFool posted 11/16/2017 23:15 PM

It really is a turning point. Them file folders are going going gone!

Phoenix1 posted 11/16/2017 23:47 PM

I am sooooo looking forward to this point!

I've purged a lot, but there are those last hold out documents I can't wait to get rid of! Thinking of at least scanning and storing digitally to move one step forward since the IRS will accept such documents. Then, when the time comes, it will be a simple "delete!"

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