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Wifi Speed

TheCaterpillar posted 12/22/2017 12:27 PM

I just did a speed test as WH is constantly going bananas about the speed of our internet and not being able to play his online game. The speed test told me the following. Can anyone tell me how good/bad the reading is? MBPS means nothing to me!

Dowload - 12.3
Upload - 0.8

Ping 22

Jitter 2

(No idea what the last 2 figures mean, just including in case they're important)

Everyyear our bill goes up but our internet seems ever so slow and unreliable

h0peless posted 12/22/2017 12:34 PM

Your download isn't the fastest, but your upload is atrocious. Barely faster than 56k. Wifi isn't good for gaming to begin with because of the latency, but unless there is way too much traffic moving over your router, that looks more like an internet speed issue to me.

TheCaterpillar posted 12/22/2017 12:54 PM


I shut down everything to do the speed test, even unplugged things to be sure.

I just wanted to know what the numbers mean before i call to complain. Persobally, dobt care about the gaming, i figure their servers probably lag when people are off work/school (and are gaming to avoid family!). But it barely supports one person browsing while anothet watches Netflix. I feel it should support more than one device at a time.

LilBlackCat posted 12/22/2017 13:07 PM

I would try using a wifi scanner app.. and see what channels are being used in your vicinity.. If you see other people's wifi also on your used channel.. changing channel will definitely help.

Also try rebooting your router and cable model (if they are separate) this usually helps clear things up some.

The really low upload is what is really hurting the gameplay.

Good luck

LilBlackCat posted 12/22/2017 13:09 PM

Another thought.. Do a speed test (get the app) from your phone and not the computer.. if the test speed is largely better from the phone.. then there's something on the computer that is killing the connection.

TheCaterpillar posted 12/22/2017 14:01 PM

Thanks for the suggestions.

I tried changing the channel from 10 to 11 and internet connection dropped all together. I will definitely look out the app to check if there's a better channel.

I don't care about gaming but I'm sick of having to turn off device x in order for device y to work. Wh will be back soon, so might ask him to speed check via his,phone as i swear he has more connection issues thsn me

Tred posted 12/22/2017 15:27 PM


What is your internet connection? Those numbers look like really poor cable modem speeds. If you have a cable modem, when was the last time you upgraded the firmware for the modem? Who is your internet service provider (ISP)?

sisoon posted 12/25/2017 13:14 PM

How old is your router? What class is your connection (B, G, N, AC)?

One common cause for slow down is that for some routers, allowing for a slower device slows all communications down, if that makes sense.

For example, one of my routers give me a choice to run multiple classes on a connection (G, N, AC). If I specify N and AC, it runs at N speeds only. My other router allows mixed A, N, & AC connections on a link without slowing AC devices down.

Bobbi_sue posted 12/30/2017 06:21 AM

Download - 12.3

Lucky you. On a good day my DSL speed approaches and maybe even goes about 2 mbps.

Never after 4 PM though. Then it goes down to less than 1 mbps and is definitely not capable of streaming movies.

It is not my router or equipment. It has all been replaced and updated and you name it. I even reported Verizon DSL to the FCC hoping to get some improvement since I pay as much more than people pay for good Cable Internet (which is not available where I live). I have the highest speed package available in my areas.

All I can get his this crappy DSL. And about 6 years ago we didn't even have that. We had dialup or Satellite. I had satellite because I had to have something at least that good, for my job.

There are days when I think the Satellite might have been just as good as what we have now. I am debating going with a cellular hotspot, ironically also through Verizon.

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