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Cheatedwife99 posted 1/28/2018 22:07 PM

My husband cheated on me after almost 7 years of marriage. He says it was a one time thing and he ended it before I found out about it. I want to forgive him, and move on, but everything has become a trigger that puts me in a dark place. I canít see people kissing or in bed on tv, it really makes me feel terrible. How do I move on and take the images of them in bed out of my head? Please help me! I am going crazy with this!!

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Crushed7 posted 1/28/2018 23:08 PM

You've just experienced an enormous emotional trauma. Whether is was really a one time thing and if he ended it doesn't matter as that minimizes that it is a tremendous blow, it shatters all the trust that your husband had built up and it burned your marriage to the ground.

Unfortunately, triggers and mind movies are a common thing in the wake of the trauma. But, you aren't alone as you are understood here. You may want to take a look at the The Healing Library (link on the top left), especially the FAQ for Betrayed Spouses ( #34 will specifically provide some thoughts on your question. Along with those suggestions, time should help them fade and others should be along with their own thoughts. If you find them clinging on and intruding in your life regularly despite your efforts and time passing, you may want to visit a EMDR specialist to have them assess if you might be a good candidate for treatment.

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