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Olympic Curling

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imagoodwitch posted 2/19/2018 19:42 PM

I saw a meme today, 2 women curling on hardwood floors with a Roomba and a Swiffer

WornDown posted 2/19/2018 21:45 PM

Apparently one of the Russian curlers got sent packing because he tested positive for drugs.

In curling? Wtf?

[This message edited by WornDown at 9:45 PM, February 19th (Monday)]

tushnurse posted 2/20/2018 08:08 AM

OMG did any of you all see the end of the US mens game yesterday!?
It was amazing. I gotta say I may be a strange bird, but damn the more I watch this the more I like it.
There is so much strategy to it.

It's kinda like a mix of chess, and bocci. I really enjoy it.

imagoodwitch posted 2/20/2018 08:35 AM

Strange little side note, I was listening to NPR yesterday. They were talking about "Ice Meisters" at the Olympics, yes, its a thing and a job!

Curling ice is nubby. It's textured with water droplets. Hard to explain but very interesting to learn.

Lovedyoumore posted 2/20/2018 12:09 PM

Worndown, it was the couple who was yelling at each other like banshees during their competitions. They were comical to watch. He said that one of his competitors had spiked his drink.

moralhighground posted 2/20/2018 13:53 PM

Haha donít worry, Canadians are very difficult to offend 😉

Iíve been curling a few times and itís kind of fun, but itís mostly fun because everyone I played with sucked just as much as me unlike basically every other team sport. Itís not a particularly fast-moving game, but I confess to no great love for Bocce either, or hockey (I know. Confiscate my citizenship immediately!)

The best thing about going curling was that there was a vending machine at the rink and if you held the buttons at the same time, you got two chocolate bars instead of one. So this kid I held the button for gave me his extra chocolate bar and then told everyone we had a secret method and would do it for others but not reveal our secret. We were very popular that day (and full of chocolate. Free chocolate. This is at least ten thousand times more important to me than curling.)

WhatsRight posted 2/20/2018 20:21 PM

"In curling? Wtf?"

I'm pretty sure he said it was his asthma meds.

My H - who has been in the Paralympics 5 times - has tried to imagine how he could have forgotten to report his asthma meds...they have you fill out a butt load of paperwork on meds weeks before you travel.

twisted posted 2/21/2018 09:16 AM

Any sport you can do with one hand and still have a beer in the other, is my kind of sport. Of course I'm getting older, and have learned to appreciate things like that.

WhatsRight posted 2/24/2018 11:49 AM


What 'bout that USA curling team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tushnurse posted 2/25/2018 16:05 PM

WOW what a match. What great group of men too.


tushnurse posted 2/25/2018 16:23 PM

WOW what a match. What great group of men too.


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