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A Wayward Challenge

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FoenixRising posted 5/21/2018 09:57 AM

I love teaching and advicating for special education students. Iím very good at it, except when itís my own kid bc thens its way personal and I cry at every iep meeting.

I make handsome sons (of course I had a little help) but letís face it, I did most of the work.

Iím a feminist and all about girl power and equality for women.

Iím adaptive in all environments.

I appreciate other cultures and learning their customs.

I play a mean air guitar. Iím supreme at dunking Oreos in milk.

I make killer enchiladas.

I love to paint, write, sip whiskey (although Iíve given that up And only indulge on special occasions) and I love tattoos. Iím working on a sleeve. My next one will be a phoenix rising that Iíve drawn.

Iím an honors master student and I graduate in August.

Iím really good at relaxing. And snoozing with my 3 year old.

lordtennyson74 posted 5/21/2018 10:55 AM

Thanks. This has helped me take my mind off of things.

I am a good storyteller.

I am very good at numbers, analytics, and problem solving - and I help people in meaningful ways using these talents.

I am an excellent tennis player. A good fisherman.

Followtheriver posted 5/21/2018 11:52 AM


I think we could be friends! We have a lot in common.

I have a place in my heart for kids with special needs. It is something deeply personal for me. My Aunt Nancy was severely mentally retarded. I loved her so much and I miss her everyday.

I also made handsome sons and a really smart beautiful daughter.

I am all about the girl power. I raised my DD to be empowered.

I have been blessed to be able to do some traveling and I always try to learn about their culture wherever I go. I love to sit down, have a cup of coffee and just talk to the locals.

No air guitar for me but I might be known to rock a karaoke microphone.

I can make Greek food better than most Greek women.

I can not even paint by numbers. I am in awe of those that have an artistic talent.

I have never sipped whiskey but I can down shots of Jack faster than most.

I am ready for another tatoo. I only have 1 and I need more. I am searching for a beach scene that I want on my back.

I love to snuggle with my 7 yr old. But she is a Chiweenie who recently adopted me. My first tiny dog. My baby is now 23. Lol.

Barregirl posted 5/21/2018 12:08 PM

Let's see...
I am a "solutions finder" and love to help people.
I am a voracious reader.
I am a rockstar. Seriously, just ask my steering wheel.
I love to take care of people and cook for them.
I love my sense of humor and making my H laugh.
I have rediscovered my compassion.
I love that I face things head-on and don't run.
I, too, am in need of another tattoo - I'm thinking a dragon curled up with a book on my right shoulderblade.
I am obsessed with fitness (especially barre classes. I know, shocking, right?)
I love to travel and learn about other places and cultures.
I am a good friend and am working on being a good wife.

FoenixRising posted 5/21/2018 13:03 PM

Followtheriver and barregirl, letís go do some palates or get a tattoo. Or sip a whiskey. Or.... start an air rock band. The possibilities are endless. 🤪🤗

Barregirl posted 5/21/2018 13:44 PM

FoenixRising. All of those sound good. Let's just go for it!

Followtheriver posted 5/21/2018 14:56 PM

I would be all in.

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