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Dr Foster is back...

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SoulCrushed16 posted 3/19/2018 00:04 AM

Season 2 of Dr Foster just aired on Lifetime...
The first episode 😡😡😡!!
Her poor son!!
Why would His Father do such a thing for the whole world to see???!!
Why do cheaters get a HAPPY ENDING???!!!

sassylee posted 3/19/2018 12:19 PM

I watched it on Canadian Netflix. It's AMAZING!!! You're gonna love season 2!

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SoulCrushed16 posted 3/19/2018 15:53 PM

Really Sass???

Does Simon get what he deserves?????

sassylee posted 3/19/2018 17:36 PM

Girl, Iím not going to give away spoilers!!!

SoulCrushed16 posted 3/19/2018 20:13 PM


Ok ok ok

k8la posted 3/19/2018 20:35 PM

I loved the last episode of season 1.

ninon posted 3/19/2018 22:39 PM

STBX and I watched this just before/as he was beginning his affair.

sassylee posted 3/19/2018 23:01 PM

He must not have paid attention. Her portrayal of a BW was so dead on - it took my breath away. My's uncanny.

StillLivin posted 3/31/2018 20:10 PM

I cannot get it on Netflix. Only season 1 is showing still. Is there any other way to get it? I don't mind spoilers at all. 😉

sassylee posted 4/1/2018 00:44 AM

I think Canadian Netflix has it because we still have the queen on our money...perks you know!

I know my son pays to watch shows on YouTube. I wonder if Dr. foster is offered there?

looking4thesun posted 4/1/2018 14:48 PM

Netflix just got it in the US. I thought season 1 was brilliant- and such a good portrayal of infidelity as many here have said. So happy not to have to wait any longer for season 2.

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Clueless921 posted 4/1/2018 16:47 PM

Binge watching it on Netflix right now!

StillLivin posted 4/1/2018 23:11 PM

I checked last night and didn't see it on Netflix, but I'll check again today. Who am I kidding, I'm going to check everyday until Netflix gets it here in AZ. 😚😆

undertherug posted 4/2/2018 05:45 AM

I found it! I'm in Tennessee so you should be able to get it in AZ too. Unfortunately, this means I probably won't be getting my Monday chores done.

Hopeful30 posted 4/2/2018 05:51 AM

Still living.

Click on the drop down next to season 1 and it will give you the option to click on season 2.

I couldnít see it until I did that. Good luck!

undertherug posted 4/3/2018 07:03 AM

Just finished binge watching Season 2. Totally unexpected ending. Does anyone know if there will be a Season 3?

StillLivin posted 4/3/2018 10:07 AM

Yes, I know how to work Netflix for the seasons. It just wasn't listed. It finally listed yesterday. It's pretty intense. I'm on episode 5.
I need to pace myself!

Geranium posted 4/3/2018 17:08 PM

Just wait for the denouement - OMG 🙀

StillLivin posted 4/4/2018 12:59 PM

Am I the only one who wasn't shocked by the ending? What a selfish POS the X was throughout the entire movie. So classic of unremorseful WAS mentality!

Hurtbeyondtime posted 4/4/2018 16:44 PM

Wow... just saw the first episode... I wish I had been as cool as her... will binge watch 😃

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