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Thank goodness I listened to SI

Neverbeblindagain posted 6/27/2018 12:24 PM

A few months after DDay2 I found SI and was a complete mess and starving on hopiam. My heart wanted so badly for him to become the guy I thought he was. My brain had other ideas. she latched onto a statement that was repeated again and again to others and to me.

GET IT IN WRITING, get a seperation contract if you've waffling. Do something to protect yourself.

Thru the storm of gaslighting, restraining order on AP, and buckets if other fun crap I got a seperation contract because people here were insisting. I didnt understand how that paper could possibly help but I did it. I didnt want a divorce, he said he didnt either, but I was scared and someone said the magic words that made me move to get something "

just in case

THANK GOD I listened! Yeah he won the civil 60 and we start meditating for the final orders again, but he didnt win because he had a case. It was because I hired a horrible lawyer who screwed up 6 ways from Sunday and didnt even bother to file the contract the divorce decree was based on which is a huge no no and invalidated the divorce decree.

Oh well, and I say oh well because that contract, the worthless paper he didnt want, the one I didnt understand the value of, written while he was trying to save his ass IS SAVING MINE in every way imaginable.

He owes me a lot of money because of that contract, he cant force the sale of the house nor split the kids because of that contract. He is screwed because of that contract and gives me so much bargaining power. Also with him demanding the seperation contract be followed during the CR60 he cant fight it or say that it's not valid.

I think this is karma. All he cares about is image, money and his new family. the contract shreds all that to high hell. I know I am suppose to feel bad but I dont. He shot himself in the foot and now is paying the piper. the way things were before the CR60, he had it easy and it was way cheaper. Now..... well he is going to be paying out the nose

Can you tell it's a good day?!

Phoenix1 posted 6/27/2018 13:28 PM

I'm glad you protected yourself and you are reaping the rewards! Those "just in case" efforts can often become priceless in the long run. Good for you!

Chili posted 6/27/2018 13:57 PM

Always works out to protect yourself - even if you never have to dig it out of a file.

So proud for you - so glad you had your own back.

And so glad it's a good day. You deserve more than a few of those.

ohforanewme posted 6/27/2018 14:08 PM

In my early time posting on here I often kicked against advice. They didn't understand my circumstances. My case was unique. It had subtle nuisances.

Then I was repeatedly shocked. They seemed to be prophets. They accurately predicted twist after twist. Almost as if they were writing the script if my life. It was quite eerie.

I have since learned that it is just that they have seen so many cases and that all waywards did seem to follow the same script.

Glad that you listened and that it worked well for you.

nothisfriend posted 6/27/2018 14:26 PM

Hot damn that's awesome news!

Neverbeblindagain posted 6/27/2018 20:40 PM

Thank you everyone!

Ohfo, t is mindboggling how everyone knows the book cheaters use but the newly betrayed. Thank goodness they have our best interests at heart. We hear everything they say and apply what we can handle, and they dont take offense, just keep supporting us. It's truly wonderful

Chili, Phoenix, and not this, we need to dance to this happy beat!

BearlyBreathing posted 6/27/2018 21:11 PM

Yes! Glad to hear that paid off. You deserve it.

MadOldBat posted 6/27/2018 23:11 PM

Oh my goodness (((Never))),
That's a tremendous update!!

I was so worried for you, i read up about cr60 - because i'm not from the USA and wanted to understand.

I'm really, really pleased that it actually turned out to your advantage. Serves him right.
I'm sorry that he put you through all that worry though.

Congratulations and hugs to you!


CurseBreaker posted 6/27/2018 23:34 PM

What states are y’all in that have the cr60? From what I understand GA doesn’t have anything like that, you’re either married, separated but still married for religious reasons, or divorced.

EvenKeel posted 6/28/2018 15:33 PM

I did the same thing early it in writing all he was agreeing too before he changed his mind.

My attorney formalized it and it was signed early on.

Like you - BEST advice! My ex tried to say "I changed my mind about the house....." but it was too late. It was all done in that earlier contract.

Only way it could be overturned was IF I AGREED. Nope - sorry buddy.

So happy for you.

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