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The worst trigger ever...

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HappyTree posted 1/24/2019 10:19 AM

So, lets just say that I have had all sizes at this point. Fat ones, skinny ones, tiny ones and big ones.

The big ones are the worst. It hurts, it doens't feel good, its painful. And those are the guys that just don't get how to really please a women. They have a big dick so they thinks thats all that matters.

Unless you can't ever get hard (like, ever), its not really an issue.

Cephastion posted 1/24/2019 10:49 AM

At the risk of embarrassing myself due to my earlier assertions here along with my overall inexperience with actually being a woman, or even with being sexual WITH any other women besides my very own wife, can any of y'all tell me if I was way off base with any of these points or assertions I was making about the opposite sex and y'all's rather "personal" experience with such matters "great and small"?

And ALL of those "features" and interests are subject to change over the course of time as well as maturity.

Younger ladies tend to have a smaller, more constricted and possibly more sensitive or tender vagina as well as their overall reproductive system.
As their bodies change with age and childbearing and other factors, those things can often change to a large degree as well.

Also, I think a woman's body tends to respond very much to the sexual arousal and stimulation as well as the emotional connection and mental gymnastics or rest that she is having at the time of sexual activity.

In other words, in my own wife's case, her degree of perceived "fullness" has a LOT to do with how excited I get her physically and mentally and how enjoyable the overall experience is for her at the time, because her girly parts "embrace the moment" or "shrink to fit" whatever's giving her that loving feeling whether it's my fingers or other appendages or toys.

Obviously none of y'all can speak for my wife, but as it concerns my understanding of the feminine end of this experience, I have only my own wife and what I've read from others and deduced on my own to make these general assertions, and I don't really want to just be making up crap as I go along, even if it's honestly very well intended (possible) "crap" to help out my fellow suffering betrayed menz here on SI or elsewhere.

I simply don't know how universally true and typical my experience with my wife is compared to the world in general...

Additionally, I am also VERY frustrated that she knows all about what other men besides me experience during intercourse, but experientially speaking I only have my wife to draw conclusions from, by contrast since we were each other's one &only's when we got married.

I'm ashamed enough that she's been there and done that with 6 or so variously sized and minded people compared to her being my ONLY ever one.
I hate the thought of embarrassing myself even further by my own possibly false assumptions based on my relative ignorance because of my faithfulness to her and to my own marriage vows and faith.

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Cephastion posted 1/24/2019 11:11 AM

Wait, was this thread ALWAYS in the "New Beginnings" forum?

Or did it get moved over from somewhere else?

Maybe I was just half asleep when I started sharing on this here thread...

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LilBlackCat posted 1/24/2019 12:34 PM

No, I started it here...

She obviously liked it being that big that she printed and saved the pic as a trophy for herself to self boost her ego.

She probably didn't experience any discomfort, she had 4 kids... So maybe she could fit him in without issue or fit him like a glove that I could never match.

I can't do anything to fix my deficiency, compared to him and possibly others she's been with.

I'm not micropenis'd, I actually dated someone once that at times I would hit her cervix.. and it was painful to her.. and had to be careful at times with..

Hell, with WW.. the last time we messed around.. She got her O rather quickly.. So, the more I think about it.. in those terms.. the less it seems to make me feel inadequate.

WhoTheBleep posted 1/24/2019 13:29 PM

my deficiency

LBC...staaaaapppp with this mindset. I don't know you, but I promise, you're perfect the way you were made. I'm 44, and I have NEVER discussed (nor heard discussed) anything about penis size with any of my girlfriends. Ever. My entire life. We. Don't. Care.

Hope this helps.

WhoTheBleep posted 1/24/2019 13:31 PM

Funny that I have my own thread just below yours about my own insecurities...

I get it. I really do.

LilBlackCat posted 1/24/2019 14:38 PM

Funny that I have my own thread just below yours about my own insecurities...
I think it's human nature to have insecurities, but it's infidelity that really throws it in our face.

Cephastion posted 1/24/2019 15:15 PM

It's men comparing themselves against one another... In the showers in the locker rooms... At young boys' sleepovers and I've even heard about it at the job site...

It's in men's magazines and it's in movies and it's on ads...

It's the brunt of jokes and entire comedy routines and derogatory comments all over the place.

I personally think that with the increased media and entertainment industry along with the sexualization of our culture that it wasn't really much of a thing until relatively recently.

But it's definitely a thing in the media and it's definitely a man vs. man and boy vs. boy thing.

In the world of men it's a kind of status symbol just like being really muscular or "ripped" might be.

But from all that I can tell women don't care about it hardly.

I think it's kind of like how women get all concerned about wearing the same dress as another woman or wearing sensible shoes...

Men don't give a crap about shoes and you're lucky if they noticed the actual dress. It's the woman that they are interested in not the wrapping paper and bow. But you can't get a woman not to care about how her dress is or other things that men would never in a million years give two seconds' thought about.

But men don't generally understand that most women generally don't have a penis to do their thinking and feeling for them like so many men do!

So they don't value it the way a man values his because they can't quite relate the same and their status symbols are very different woman to woman.

After all, women don't seem to go around comparing how big or how small their vaginas are. But they do compare and compete against one another regarding breast size and other visible features.

And while a man's size might not endear him to a woman one way or the other... Because men see it as a source of confidence or power or favor or lack thereof, the resulting overall sense of CONFIDENCE typically DOES attract and affect a woman very much!

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LostHope8008 posted 1/24/2019 15:53 PM

I think it says a lot about the type of person she is (not withstanding the fact that she cheated in the first place) that she would even keep a dick picture. From what I understand, these dick pictures are quite common for the male AP to send. It is also quite common for these photos to be deleted by the WW fairly quickly. Yours seems to take the prize though. Did she think she was going to put it in the family photo album? I would have kept it and brought it with you to her funeral one day and add it to her life's photo collage at her wake.

LilBlackCat posted 1/24/2019 16:47 PM

I would have kept it and brought it with you to her funeral one day and add it to her life's photo collage at her wake.
OMG!! That made me crack up so much!!!! LMAO!!!

antlered posted 1/24/2019 17:21 PM

Well yeah you realize what her opinion is really worth, right?

It matters not what your last lover wants in a man, only what your next one does.

WhoTheBleep posted 1/24/2019 19:08 PM

Well said, antlered. Well said.

ff4152 posted 1/24/2019 19:16 PM


I donít if this will mean much coming from a WS but.....

The guy could have the biggest dick going, the body of Zeus, eyes that make the women swoon and a voice that makes the angels weep with joy.

Doesnít change the fact that the guy is a piece of shit. A chocolate covered turd is still a turd.

You have your integrity. You can look at yourself in the mirror knowing that a good and decent man is staring back. IMO, that is worth so much more than a couple of extra inches. You are the real man in this equation, not some piece of crap who has no moral fiber.

LilBlackCat posted 1/25/2019 00:29 AM

Thanks, I know who I am and regardless of it all.. I also know my conscious is clear as her actions were her doing and there's nothing I could of done to fix it.

ibonnie posted 1/25/2019 06:52 AM

That's when it all made sense to me.. He had me by at least 2 inches easily.. I know that's what all women want, a hung man..

No. I've slept with my fair share of people. I've slept with very well endowed men that were terrible, selfish lovers, as well as average sized guys that were fantastic in bed.

My WS is pretty large, and actually I find some positions painful because of his size.

LilBlackCat posted 1/25/2019 11:41 AM

I dunno, but looking back... The timing of when our hysterical bonding we had going on abruptly ended. It really coincided with when I found she was seeing him.

Some people just match on that physical level, he might of been the hand that fit her glove.. and it's ok.

I guess letting out of my system, versus keeping it bottled inside and letting it eat at me.. has allowed me to let it go.

As I mentioned earlier also, in retrospect boosting my own ego ever so weirdly, up about the time they broke up.. I became the target of her wanting sex, so I must not be that bad either as she reached her O pretty dam fast.

Marz posted 1/26/2019 11:52 AM

WW and I keep it friendly, but I know she is dating someone new.. I didn't say anything, and never will.. I would only be humiliating myself and opening new wounds on myself too and likely just boost her ego. It's her trophy and I should not say anythIng

Try civil and stop the friendly. All this is doing is keeping you bound.

OM or anything about him is not your problem. In her case there will always be one.

FamilyMan75 posted 1/26/2019 16:22 PM

Where my wife said my penis was bigger than the other man's. Didn't stop her from continuing a long term affair.

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LilBlackCat posted 1/26/2019 16:25 PM

Where my wife said my penis was bigger than the other man's. Didn't stop her.
Wow, that dispels that myth.

I guess when they wanna cheat, nothing matters.

Cephastion posted 1/26/2019 17:28 PM

I guess when they wanna cheat, nothing matters.

Technically incorrect.

When they want to cheat... THEY MATTER... Above all ELSE. PERIOD.

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